A Thousand Words, Part 3

I had an assignment for evangelist/cross carrier Peter Johnson on the day of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Hermosa Beach: Take the cross and stand in front of the bars as a reminder to the partiers that they need to be prepared.

Without hesitation Peter took up the cross and held it in front of the outdoor patio—and got some very strange, unanticipated results.

It took us both by surprise. We were shocked and nearly offended at what happened next. Instead of an angry outburst directed at Peter, or a middle finger shoved in his face, something much, much worse happened.

Instead of taking this sign as a sober warning to wake up, these St. Patrick celebrators took another tack. They turned the cross into a, a,…a photo op!

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  1. Reply

    If these green characters die without being ready, they would only have to be shown this photograph to prove that they were not. And, then, eternity in hell where they won’t be so mockingly jovial. Let’s pray for them.

  2. Reply

    They need Jesus more than they needed a green beer. I pass tracts by the college bars and in the downtown Old City district of Knoxville, TN. I go by myself cause has been hard getting men from my church to go with me. The statistic about the number of people out of a church evangelizing is less than 2%. At my church try out of 600 people try 1.(2 on the first friday of the month where one church leader goes out with me.) Pray for my church to raise my men and women to go out and share Jesus.

  3. BathTub


    Ross could you please share with us the method you used to determine that they aren’t True Christians™?

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