A Surprised Guerrilla


The following E-vangie Tale is by a brand new student who showed up the third week of our 6-week class. On the third week, I surprise the students by taking them out unexpectedly to share their faith. And boy, was she surprised—and touched. 

By Mia McName

I started the Evangelism (without fear) class two weeks late and Steve decided to take us all to mall to hand out tracts – WHOA! what an introduction! I have never given out a tract in my life, so I was a little more than nervous.
null However, with supportive sister by my side and cute baby in arms – and the memories of inspirational video in my mind – off we went.

In the mall parking lot, my sister Minnie and I each gave out a Million dollar bill to two women exiting the mall and they so cheerfully accepted, I figured, Hey! this really IS easy. Then we entered the mall and it was a bit different. I felt a bit like a covert operations team, pulling tracts out of the baby bag and dodging the security. It was exciting, but I didn’t feel as if I was making any connections with the folks I was handing the tracts to.

Then Minnie and I went in to Macy’s, looking for the bathroom. On the way, I saw a woman browsing through the clothing. I offered her a tract and she coldly declined. When we started off again, she called us back and asked us why we chose her to speak to. “Did you think I’m stupid?” she asked.

I told her that we cared about her, and she said, “No, you don’t” and proceeded to give us a little piece of her mind. I was slightly taken aback, but what was coming through, loud and clear, was the woman’s pain and alienation. Unfortunately, I was caught so off guard, I went away. I count it as a missed opportunity, but a valuable lesson, as well. First off, it caused me to double-check my motivation. Why AM I giving out the tracts? Is compassion motivating me? That night, perhaps not. It was more obedience and adrenaline. Not that God can’t use that! But …

Secondly, it has been a great fear of mine that something JUST LIKE THAT would happen. Now it has – and I know better what I would have liked to have done. Certainly not run away, but rather, move in. Engage in a conversation – allow Jesus to meet people through me.

This experience, far from being a downer or off-putting, has encouraged me to talk with more people. I am so glad for this surprise event. No time to think and back out!


  1. Congrats Mia!

    Welcome to the real world of gospel giving! I would say that lady was more sad than mad. She may have been your first to verbally refute and refuse what you had to offer but she will not be your last. Been there, done that. I am glad to read this experience was more of an encouragement for you than discouragement.

    God orchestrated that scene for a reason. Who knows but Him what purpose He had even in her refusal? He can work the impossible, as I am sure you well know. Learn from it and ready yourself for many a blessing and reward for doing what you’re doing for the Lord. Rest assured, there are alot of good surprises in store.

    Congrats, also, to ALL who have recently joined the convoy of tracters in the harvest field!

  2. Haha, this happened to someone in my evangelism group as well. We have a local chapter of CHANGE Collegian Network here at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, MS and during one of our meetings, a new girl showed up. She had been invited by one of the girls from our group who offered to take out her trash. When we said we were leaving, she was nervous but came along. She got to record answers to a survey we were doing. I thought she wouln’t be back, but she showed up the next week!

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