A Fun Quiz, Part 1: One Simple Question


I taught a one hour evangelism class to a group of employees at a major International corporation headquartered in SoCal yesterday using this promo line: “Learn to share your faith by asking only one question.” (That is, the entire Law and Gospel with one question.) What question do you think it is?

I’ll let you know when the correct answer is given in the comments.

Click here for part 2 to see where I was, but you will still have to guess the location. I’ll give succeeding hints over the next several days.


  1. Can we try more than one guess at a time?

    1) Are you a good person?

    2) If you were to die tomorrow, would you go to Hell or Heaven? (à la Ray Comfort)

    3) If a Smurf is killed and nobody is around to hear it, does it still scream?

  2. Did the company bring you in or did an employee group invite you?

  3. If you died tonight where would you go?

  4. This is like Fundamentalist Jeopardy.

  5. Do you want to go to hell or heaven when you die?

  6. My guess is that it would be something to do with the fear that some people have in sharing their faith.

    Of course, there are plenty of snarky guesses I could make, but I’ll pass.

  7. Paper or Plastic?

  8. Hi Pastor Steve,

    Now, that I know the answer after Saturday, this is a great question. Keep trying, I guessed the same responses you are all giving.

    God Bless!!


    • Thanks for not giving away the answer (since I already told you). Don’t think anyone will get it. Later this evening I’ll post a couple of pics to show where I was. Only TV watchers will be able to figure out this next clue. Stay tuned….

  9. When you die, who pays the penalty for your sins?

  10. A question is designed to elicit information from the subject. Assuming it’s not a rhetorical question, it’s impossible to share your faith using only a question. The sharing would have to take place when you reply to their answer, which would qualify the interaction as a conversation, which you have rejected.

    If we assume fairly average background knowledge on the part of the target, it’s easy enough to come up with questions that would inform them of your religous belief and your wish to see them convert, but that’s not the same thing as evangelising.

    If it is a rhetorical question, there are very few options that do not come across as condescending or smarmy, which would be quite the opposite of “sharing” your faith. An option around this problem is quoting scripture, so that you can claim post hoc that you aren’t making the claim: God is.

    Based on your playing up of the question, implying that merely asking it shares both Law and Gospel at the same time, the sensible solution is that it is a direct quote from Scripture, likely from Jesus of Nazareth himself. This fits with Jesus’ love of rhetoric, but most of the questions he asked did not fit the patented Living Waters “scare-them-into-bleeving” strategy. Possibly one of Pauls questions, or something asked by another of the biblical authors?

    So FWIW, my money is on a question asked in scripture, but not by Jesus himself. I’m not familiar enough with scripture to try to continue this line of reasoning.

  11. “Do you have powers of mind-reading?”

    “Are you willing to distort the viewpoints of others?”

    I couldn’t help the snark. 😉

  12. If you take a pen or paperclip from your workplace and you die should God still let you into Heaven?

  13. “Did you know I’m a Christian?”

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