Guest E-vangies: THE MAYOR GETS A MILLION By Warren C.


About six months ago I decided to organize a block party in my North Redondo Beach neighborhood. I’d been living at my home for 7 years, but only knew the neighbors around my house. I thought it would be a great idea to bring the whole block together and to fulfill the 2nd greatest commandment in the Bible: “Love your neighbor” (Matthew 22:39).

I invited the Mayor of Redondo Beach, Mike Gin, who is shown here holding my “Million dollar” donation to the city!
null The City of Redondo Beach is very family-oriented. They provided and delivered a large outdoor gas grill, folding tables, a volleyball net, and cones to block off the street. The fire department also stopped by with a fire engine and stickers for the children. Because of the growing number of young families with toddlers, including myself, I thought it would be a good idea to invite the nearest elementary, middle school, and high school principals of Redondo Beach. As an alternative to the public school system, I also invited the principal from Hope Academy, one of the largest homeschooling co-ops in the South Bay.

The block party was definitely a success. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my neighbors come to church the next day! So, wherever you live, go fulfill the 2nd greatest commandment and organize your own block party! Your neighbors will be thankful and you will be blessed.


  1. WC,

    That is AWESOME!!! Way to go man. The Lord is good always.
    Keep laboring in the lord and being an inspiration to the rest of us!!


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