The Everyday Club Report: For January


The #1 reason I get from people who are reluctant to join The Everyday Club is this: “I just can’t get out the house (or office) everyday.”

Fair enough.

What if I gave you three ways that you could share your faith even if you’re a housebound mom or CEO? Would you be more willing to take a leap of faith and join the Club? Here they are:

#1: Take those credit card applications that inundate your mailbox and use the postage paid envelope to send a tract. Read more about this idea here.

#2: Next time one of those pesky telemarketers call during dinner time, give them the Gospel. I’ll bet they will never call back again. Read the strategy for this technique here.

#3: Break out your phonebook and randomly pick someone to share your faith with. They won’t know who you are, and you will be giving them the best news ever.

Okay. no more excuses. Sign up today!


This is the opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment and report on it twelve times a year. (I post each report at the beginning of each month and send you an email reminder.) You can sign up by clicking here.


  1. On my goal of at least one conversation a day I missed only one day – january 1rst – and went over my goal of bringing someone from my church with me at least 10 times.

    For those of you just starting I am glad to be able to say this does get easier with practice. Another cool thing is that my family has gotten so used to my daily goal that they help by scheduling things around it. Just the other day my wife said “I know you’ll be going out to witness so could you pick up a few things at the store while you are out? At first it was hard because what I was doing was so unusual that my family unintentionally made me feel wierd but now it is no big deal and that helps a lot.

  2. My goal is: Hand out at least 10 tracts a day or one personal witness, and preach in the open air when I can. Here’s how I did:

    I fulfilled my goal in January except for one day.

    1900+ tracts handed out.

    10+ open air opportunities.

    1 inner air (inside a church)

    25 personal witnessing opportunities.

  3. Not a great month, but better than January 2009! Goal: share the Gospel at least once a day. Missed 6 days – part of that was being sick yet again!

    Tracts: 31
    Inner air (present the Gospel at church when there are visitors): 1 time
    Conversations: 9

  4. My goal this month: something at every opportunity even though most of my time had been (and is still) laid up at home with leg nerve problem.

    1 gospel presentation in a nursing home

    3 ‘one to one’ gospel conversations

    70+ gospel tracts given or placed

  5. I exceeded my Goals of witnessing to 1 per day.
    I may have missed a Saturday that I rather lost due to just not feeling good and only talked to a few people. However, I did average more than 30 tracts a day with the help of other people I witnessed to going into action and helping.

    Note: I guess nothing new, but New Age, Prosperity, and Word of Faith Chritians seem to be extremely touchy these days. I was witnessing last week when a WoF guy stepped in and corrected me – “Nothing gets done down here without us helping God. He needs us” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    I started looking for lightening strikes.
    Soli Deo Gloria

  6. Ok estimated tracts after breaking out my calculator: 348
    Going to the Jail ministry at the Knox County Detention Center: 3 times and by the Holy Spirit two men repented and put their faith in Jesus(this was after I prayed for them before moving to the next cells and both times after I prayed at two cells these men immediately they started praying on their own to repent and put their faith in Jesus.)

  7. oh by the way if you include the number of men I went to in the same cell block for three Thursdays that month and share scripture:(Some of the same men I returned to the following Thursday) about 17.

  8. I came closer this month than ever before with my goal of doing something everyday. I believe I only missed a couple of days but I kinda lost track.

  9. My goal is to hand out 10 tracts per day or 1 personal witness. I didn’t hit my goals but I did give out 150 tracts. I also slipped some tracts on shipments going around the world. I also had 1 personal witness. I only missed 1 day (snowed in !!!) of passing out at least 1 tract.

  10. I didn’t meet my goals but here is what I did:
    21 days I did nothing – ouch I know but it happened.
    59 gospel tracts and most of these were put in liquor boxes at the market
    1 1on1 on Omegle (Internet)
    1 Open air read Luke 10
    Read Psalm 91 to friend in Mental Facility, and this was no small thing for her to listen. (God’s word makes this unbeliever very agitated.)

    Please do not remove me, I am still in this and will try to meet my goals this month. God bless you Steve.

  11. Hello Team:

    I have a goal of 8 tracks or 1 one-one. I missed 8-10 days. But the goodnews is my son was with me on 1/31 and he led someone to Christ in the car as we took a young man home from a game.

    Praise the Lord

    Be not weary in well doing.

  12. My goal is to witness to one person everyday or to handout (that’s hand to hand) 10 tracts everyday.

    This month we passed out 2,835 tracts

    We did 29 open-airs

    We had 3 121’s

    Plus we preached to 1000’s at the News Years Day Parade

    I missed my goal on 4 days.

    To God be the glory.

  13. This month was a wash. 🙁
    My goal is 4 OA per month and I did none.
    My goal is 10 tracts / day – Missed many days, not sure how many….
    My goal is 1, 1-2-1 per week. I did 3 this month.

  14. I missed a few days this month. I have been filling in at church and have been working some really long days while our secretary has been on vacation. Normally that is not a big deal … but two weeks of it was spent catching everything up and sending out tax receipts. That is a lot of work!

    I did not OA this month. I did have some one-on-one. And, I passed out lots of tracts as usual.

    I can’t wait until it warms up around here! It has been far too cold to even take the cross out.

  15. I gave it my best shot, but it has been very difficult in January.

    Tracts given out: ~ 50

    Can’t wait for warmer weather!

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