180 Movie Giveaway: Ray Comfort Beat My Record (or did he?)


As you know, the stunning and shocking film, “180” ( has been out for several weeks and it’s making a huge impact on people who’ve seen it. Since watching this 33 minute movie, I am now incorporating abortion as a topic of discussion in my evangelism efforts. Also, I just discovered that there is an abortion mill down the street from where I live; I will be visiting there soon. In addition, I am now praying about how to start up a Pro-life ministry at our church Hope Chapel—all because I watched this film.

It is so important to get copies of this DVD into the hands of as many people as possible. It’s easy and fun to do, too. Maybe you will want to join the competition:

Last week, after watching a staffer at Ray Comfort’s ministry hand out ten DVDs in nine minutes, I handed out 12 copies in about one minute. Ray Comfort then took up the challenge and smoked me, handing out 15 copies in—11 seconds! 11 seconds! Watch his video below but please understand that his victory was short-lived.

My challenge was to hand out 16 copies in under FIVE seconds. If I did this, Ray’s record would be thoroughly crushed— no one could ever, ever beat it. Could I do it? Judge for yourself….

But that ain’t all. Continue reading for something really, really, shocking. In fact, I surprised myself when this happened!

I challenged the man who took all 16 DVDs and asked him to pass them out. Remember, I didn’t know him; he’d never seen the film; and he wasn’t a Christian (I know this because I witnessed to him and his friend afterward). And he did it! (But keep reading the post after this video another shocking turn of events…)

Alright. Some of you may take issue¬† with handing out the 16 videos to one guy. Fine. Then watch this! How about 16 videos distributed in 9.46 seconds? (…with the Lord’s help, of course.)

Let me know if you are in the competition. Send me your video. Most of all, remember as you hand out these DVDs that lives and souls are at stake.


  1. hmmmmmmmmm….. that’s quite a good technique. I’ll be back.

  2. I take it from this post that abortion wasn’t really a major issue for you until Ray decided to make it one? How did you JUST realize you live down the street from an abortion clinic?

    • Yes.

      We just moved into a new area and city.

    • Danielle, I think that abortion was not a major issue for a lot of us until Ray brought it to our attention. We go about our daily business (as I am so guilty of) just like the Germans did with it going on in their own backyard. I think the most powerful part of the movie, for me, was the very end when Ray brought out that point so clearly and divinely. God bless Ray Comfort. And God bless Steven Sanchez for giving us the challenge of giving out the DVD’s as fast as we can. My husband and I gave out 100 DVD’s last night at our local Dollar General Store down the street. Praying for lives to be changed and saved.

      • Thanks, Amy. That’s exactly what I mean.

        I visited our local Killing Field yesterday with my children. Details on Monday.

      • Steve,

        I get a bit worried when you use provocative language such as “killing field” and, you know, endorse a movie that compares pro-choice people to Nazis.

        It suggests that you are trying to dehumanize our side, and there has been plenty of violence against doctors, fellow employees and clinics as whole in the past.

        How about toning it down a notch and being civil for once? Or you can block this post and pretend there’s no opposition. Your call.

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