12 Seconds, Maybe


That’s the amount of screen time “Righteous Richard” Chavarria, our intrepid DMV preacher, got in the final cut of “Battle for the Lost,” the first of the thirteen episodes that comprise the recently released Season 3 of The Way of the Master video series.

Not bad for a fourteen hour day’s work as an extra.

I’m sure glad I didn’t go….

Read the behind-the-scenes story here!

Read about Richard getting beat up at the DMV here!


  1. Twelve seconds on film could be just the ticket Richard needs to become Hollywood’s next big star!!! He should shoot for the big bucks and the Oscars! I would if I could. There’s nothing on the earth more worthy to aim for in life! There isn’t!

    Is there? 🙂

  2. This is from STEVE ROLLINS. (He placed this comment in another area.):

    Righeous Richard is such an encouragement to me – he is so gifted to be able to preach with compassion and zeal, yet in a non-offensive way – it’s truly inspiring hearing him preach – he is someone I really try to model my evangelistic efforts after…. if people are offended, it should only be by the gospel message, which is always going to offend some.

    What’s so great about the DMV preaching is you really get to reach a broad cross-section of people who may never hear the Gospel inside of a Church – people that not only would not go to Church, but maybe who you’d never see at a typical open-air plaform, like 3rd Street or HB pier.

    Keep on, Richard !

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