Thanks for visiting “E-vangie Tales & more.” I hope to inspire you to know that what you say and do in the name of Christ can make a difference–for eternity.

In this blog I will put in interesting thoughts on the after-life, celebrity comments about God, perspectives of death, and “morbidly fascinating” articles as I find them. And of course, you will find my “E-vangie Tales posted bi-weekly. Soon, there will be links to videos of actual evangelistic encounters as I try to share my faith everyday that will prove quite strange and helpful.

Please tell me what you think in the comments area at the bottom of each article posted. Also, send me “morbidly interesting” news as you come across them; I will credit your contribution. I especially want your feedback in regards to this blog.

Thanks for visiting,

Steve Sanchez


  1. I thank you for the opportunity to share a comment. You might want to use spell chek.

    persectives of death

  2. Thanks, Steve! Will be looking forward to visiting your site more regularly as you add new tech schtuff!

  3. From Rev. Bhagavan Friend:


    Congratulations on the launching of your Evangi-Tales Blog. Great job!

    God Bless,

  4. Steve,

    Just wondering what got you into the evangelising business? Is it the money, power or sex that seems to drive so many others (maybe all 3!)?

    If there was such a thing as hell, with any kind of just admissions policy, think you might find a lot more evangelists than atheists surfing the lake of fire.

    Interested atheist.

  5. Do you have a MySpace Website?

  6. Do you have a MySpace Website?

  7. No. That’s my next step!


  8. Dearest Pastor Steve, I passed out a trac by myself and was terrified. Love Debra

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