️Answered Prayer: Camels!

ISAAC WENT OUT INTO A FIELD TO MEDITATE…and God blessed him with answered prayer: Camels!!!

I don’t think he was reading his Bible because there were none published yet, still, he sought God. 

You have a Bible, but don’t read it? Why? Don’t you want to be blessed?

An American Bible Society survey said that people don’t read it because they say they don’t have enough time. 

Is that true?

Crossway did a study on how how long it takes to read the bible in a year: 74 hours, 28 minutes…

…or, 12 minutes a day.

To read the New Testament in a year? 6 minutes a day.

How many chapters do you need to read a day to get through in a year?


Charles Spurgeon said, “There is dust enough on some of your Bibles to write ‘damnation’ with your fingers.”

C’mon, man! Stop the excuses!

*This is day 11 of my daily devotions related to the importance of regular Bible reading. 4 more to go.


** Watch the 1 minute YouTube version: https://dd/C_bodyy0HHc?si=5vs-SNY7jemEBmTa


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