You might be an atheist fundamentalist if… #6


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26. When you’re shown that your view of origins is silly, you can only respond, “Well…at least it’s better than believing in some invisible SKY DADDY!”

27. You insist that science is completely partial to all ideas, is not dogmatic and researches all possibilities — except creationism and/or intelligent design.

28. You claim Creationists don’t research on evolution websites before debating against it. Luckily you caught this useful weapon against Christians at the evolution site you learned all about creation doctrine from.

29. When a creationist points out problems with the evolutionist model you claim that the whole point of science is to answer problems like these. But if you can point out even one problem in the creationist model it should instantly be abandoned as absurd.

30. You are a person who absolutely believes that life came from non-life, yet absolutely deny the possibility of anyone rising from the dead.

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  1. 26. Have you ever, ever gotten that response? If so, then that person was an idiot. As I’m sure you know, idiocy knows no bounds, religious or ethnic.

    27. I’m pretty sure you meant “impartial”, so I’ll go with that. Science isn’t a belief system. It is a method of approaching questions about the world. So yes, it is impartial, but no, it is not fair. Ideas that work make it to the next round of questions, those that don’t get “kicked off the island” Period.

    28. You make a lot of assumptions about atheists, don’t you?

    29. Nope. I can’t point out problems with the creationist model, because there is none. ID makes no testable predictions or claims, and offers no attempt at describing the mechanism by which the world was created.

    30. Chemical reactions getting infinitesimally more complex over vast periods of geologic time is fundamentally different than a corpse jumping up and saying “Howdy” (again with no explanation for the mechanism)

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