You might be an atheist fundamentalist if… #5




21. You think that humans are products of chance but when it comes to human reason we can believe in logic! (Think about it!)

22. You have recently stuck a Darwin fish on your car in the hopes the people with the Jesus fish on theirs will be offended.

23. When the Pope says that God may have used evolution, he is an enlightened religious leader whom Christians should listen to.

24. When the Pope preaches on the sanctity of human life from conception, and thus denounces abortion, he’s just a senile religious bigot who should keep his opinions to himself.

25. Concerning the origins of life, you feel that though the chances of life forming without an intelligent creator are small it DID indeed happen that way. And yet you don’t believe me when a rock, coming from my direction, hits you in the back of the head and I tell you, “I didn’t throw it. There was a sudden shift in the earth’s gravitational pull and the rock levitated into your head…Sure the chances are small but it DID happen that way.”

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  1. 21. We can’t think logically about random events? So there is no point in talking about odds or statistics or economics?

    22. No, I have a Darwin fish on my car for the same reason Christians put IXOYE on theirs. I want to show my support to others like myself, and to remind the public that their are people out there with differing opinions.

    23. No, the pope is no more enlightened than you or I. That’s kind of the point of humanism.

    24. See 23.

    25. Really? Okay, I’m done with the point by point comments, but why the evil clowns? Seriously.

    You know, we’re not all child-eating, mother-stabbing, fornicators. Some of us almost never stab our mothers.

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