What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #29


The Apostle Paul wrote, “…pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored… And pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men, for not everyone has faith.”
(2 Thessalonians 3:1-2)

Twenty two new students have started our newest evangelism class, “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear.” Who will be left after six weeks? The sad reality is that there is a 50% drop out rate by the end of the class. Maybe this time they’ll defy the odds.

Leave your evangelism adventure in the “comments” section so others can enjoy what God is doing in your life! (This will be reposted every Sunday/Monday for the next six weeks.)


  1. Hi Pastor Steve. I have seen a post from you that you give points during your WOTM basic training course. I’ve taught the course once and ran into a problem regarding wondering whether a person had really passed the course when they hadn’t come to every class and hadn’t really done all the requirements. I thought your point system would be really handy in helping me figure that out. Could you tell me how you run your class and about your point system? I will be teaching the class again and I think the points system would really help.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. I went through the Evangelisn class about 6 months ago. I want to encourage you current students to hang in there. Your class should be about half over now. Stick to it, finish well, stay the course, don’t drop out. You will be blessed, our Father will be pleased, you will be better equipt to be obedient to the Lord’s commission. And it’s FUN! Completing this course and still going with the team on Saturdays has changed my life. I am more bold than ever, I feel more ready to share the gospel, and enjoy being used by our Lord to further His kingdom. Stick to it!

  3. Hello, I don’t have an experience to share. But I wanted to say that I am glad to have read through these comments. Barbara unfortunately Satan had a grip at me when I first started reading yoru comments, and I was like common lady you’ve said enough, that was so stupid of me, and actually i am really glad you posted so much. It is awesome to see how God is working through you and with you and amazing that you have so many opportunities at your work to sit down and talk to people about God and salvation in detail. It is also great to hear about the different peoples reactions, God sure is using you, and I am looking forward to learning more about this stuff myself and praying God will use me as well 🙂

    Hopefully Pastor Steve answered you about the Bible speaking about Heaven and Hell on earth?? If not, since the guy said he had only read the New Testament, I will assume that he is saying that the NT says that Heaven and Hell are on earth. I think he completely misundestands, however I will say that, Hell, though commonly used, isn’t actually the eternal resting place of the unsaved, the lake of fire is and Rev. 20:14 tells us that death and hell get thrown into the lake of fire. Though until that day all the unsaved do go to torments in hell like the rich guy from the parable of Lazarus and the rich man.

    However, as far as Heaven goes, again the eternal resting place of the saved Christians is not Heaven, when people speak of Heaven i am assumign they mean the 3rd heaven (first heaven is our sky, second heaven is outerspace, 3rd Heaven is where God is (2 Corinthians 12:2 refers to the third heaven, I am assuming my interpretation of the 3 heavens is correct).) And we know that saved people who die now go to be with the Lord and are in paradise, however it is true that when this world is over, that the eternal resting place of all saved people is a new heaven and a new earth (Rev 21:1). But of course anyoen who hasn’t put their faith in Christ will be in the lake of fire, so it is incorrect for someone to think that they don’t have tod o that and can just “hang around” until God makes the new earth and end up in “Heaven”, cuz that person will be thrown into the lake of fire.

    As far as teh guy talking about not being chosen, but living on a beach house on earth like Adam and Eve, I don’t know too much about that, but that goes into fictious Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs, which are lies, so don’t worry about that, as it seems you havn’t, perhaps Pastor Steve can fill you in more if it seems good to him, I don’t know much about it, but whatever it is its not based on the truth and twists/ or wrest it (see 2 Peter 3:16).

    Anyways this is great, and its awesome to see and hear of all you folks’s work and inspires me. I am thankful the Lord has lead me to find out about Way of the Master and some other things lately to really boost me and help guide me to the next level! The Lord has been increasing me a lot, and its awesome! He is so awesome and good and Wonderful! I pray the Lord will send you to people prepared by him to hear your graceful words of Good News !

  4. Yesterday I had a patient that was suppossed to meet with me before he left but the staff said he couldn’t handle being in an office with so many people and had to leave. Today when he came in I reminded him to come and see me so he did and I asked him what was going on and he put his fingers to his head as if signalling he was pulling a trigger. I said don’t pull the trigger come and talk to me now if you can.

    So we talked about his case and then I gave him a bill and he said oh you already gave it to me last week. OOPS! my bad, He said you should be a Reveron. I said nope just a messenger. So what’s your answer to the back of the bill. He said I am a Warrior of God. I said great. Me too. It looks like God’s trying to get your attention. Sometimes he’s got to break you to get you to listen and depend on him only. Gave him another bill. and he left.

    Interesting fellow.

  5. Yesterday spoke to a new patient who after getting the bill he said he was saved and lived his life for Jesus.

  6. Yesterday Emily asked her Mormon friends who we were babysitting if they were to die where would they go? and they didn’t know. So we asked do you know about Heaven? Hell? They said yes to Heaven but they didn’t no Hell or the Devil.

  7. Passed out several bills this week just didn’t have time to post but God is GOOD and I know how much our patients and staff need his forgiveness and love.

  8. Oh Emily gave my cousin who was visiting and her 11 year old daughter a huge 100 bill and the small bill too. Instead of putting it in her purse my cousin put it on the table so while they were sleeping I put it in one of her boots so she would see it again. She again put it on the table the next day. I should of put it in her purse but i didn’t want to pry. it’s interesting how family is the hardest to reach

  9. My cousin had a major heart attack 18 months ago and he’s only 40. He had days to live. He believes in God but thinks Jesus was a good man only. I tried my hardest to witness about Heaven and Hell back then and I asked him what’s it going to take for God to get your attention? he did however answer that he would accept Jesus vs. rejecting him if he had to choose. he doesn’t get it. I don’t get it either, how to help, that is. I feel disabled when it comes to helping family, all i can do is go out and make mistakes, but i will continue to use the 10 comm. The Way of the master is a blessing! So God still has him alive 18 months later and just yesterday I got a call from his Mom that the doctor told him his heart is worse. What can I do to prevent him from going to Hell? Maybe I should stay out of God’s way! Any suggestions Pastor Steve????

  10. Jason,

    Just read your feedback. Thank you for the info. I am so fascinated by how God works in all of our lives and to see other people’s reactions. Most importantly seeing first hand how God touches others and you getting to see the fruit right before your eyes. God is a beautiful and very special gift, It’s exciting to share this precious gift with everyone!

  11. Handed out a bill and went over the WOTM script and he said someone has already asked me this info before. Somewhere else using this method. And that he had received a bill from his brother. He was telling me that after keeping it in his pocket he almost made the mistake of paying with it once too. So after asking if him going to Hell concerned him? he said sure it does and he said well i already did what i had to do. We didn’t get much time to talk but i gave him the bad and good tract and told him to really take the time to think about the burning flames of hell and if he had truly repented and trusted in God. Has he really tried to turn away from his sins. He didn’t seem like he got it. But at least we tried. God can do the rest.

  12. Another patient today said that she watched her Mother in and out of Church and backslide so much in her life that she never wanted anything to do with Church again. Slowly God brought her back to him and she and her husband were saved and growing in Christ with the word. She’s going to take her husband to watch Fireproof this weekend.

  13. I wanted to take the time to thank God and you Pastor Steve for this class. The WOTM has truly woken me up by instilling in me a fear of backsliding. It’s clearly shown me how lukewarm, selfish, and lost I am as a Christian. Yes my heart is on fire for Jesus and I genuinely want to mature as a Godly Woman but now after the exposure to WOTM, this class helped me see that my actions reflect differently, I was so caught up in ME & MY FAMILY that I’m embarrassed of how little I do for God. Instead of focusing on God’s business I keep getting caught up in the world. Busy with this, busy with that. Soccer is almost over, very soon. As you know I had previously made a commitment to Emily and her team to be available for all games. But once that is done, my Saturdays are available and Emily and I are committed to join the group to learn and help do open –air preaching.
    Last night I read the last part of the workbook you gave us because I didn’t understand the importance of open – air preaching and after reading it OH MY! That’s how Jesus truly did it. Go for the masses! And here all along I was comfortable with just the flow of new patients we get monthly. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
    What a blessing to have your eyes opened and to be woken up! Praise God. Once again thank you.

  14. witnessed to one of our doctors who believes heaven is now on earth and after death is hell. I gave him the bill and then he wouldn’t here of it. He is the sweetest doctor ever but he looks at all this as foolishness. Then before he left today i gave him the good and bad yellow tract. he actually read and answered each question and then looked at me like come on barb. I told please just read it and truly answer the questions tonight or when you get in your car. What if you’re wrong? If you don’t repent and put your trust in jesus you will perish and burn in hell for ETERNITY!

  15. gave out bill and asked questions she is saved and going to Heaven. She was so grateful bec. she asked for more bec she has a niece who is gay. She is trying to witness to her but her niece says she can’t go to heaven no matter what.

  16. passed out bills to couple other people also some yellow good and bad tracts to some who already previously i met with weeks ago.

  17. 2 ladies told me they feel so blessed God brought them here because they needed to here this info.

    God is so cool!

  18. Who says evangelism has to be boring. We took off our shoes and walked along the sand near the Redondo Beach Pier today. The crowds were relaxed and very receptive. The only hazard is avoiding getting your tracts wet:) Join us next Saturday on our outing to Huntington Beach and kick off your shoes with us!

  19. Witness while you wait for your oil to be changed at Wal Mart. Go early in the morning just about 30 minutes after it opens. By then a few people will be waiting in the waiting room. Go get some fresh donuts instead of tracts and start witnessing. If they don’t want the donut give them the tract. This can lead to a great discussion if you don’t chase them off to the gun department. Remember, Mormons and JW’s are identical, both will not admit to Jesus as God. Hit it hard on this point but know your Bible enough to show them at least 4-6 places where it’s obvious that Jesus is God.
    It will be the best oil change you’ll remember.

  20. Many may not count this as a true evtale, as it was done from the comfort of my bed in my room, and online, but that doesn’t matter someone God wanted to receive the Gospel got it, and all the glory was given to God and it was an awesome step for me.

    A friend of mine suggested I talk to a friend of theirs who is preparing to be a catholic priest after my fiance passed away. I thank the Lord that I did not talk to him at that time and praise the Lord for his great grace and mercy in helping me through my darkest hour, turning it to light, and turning my greatest defeat, to utter victory in Christ, as it was through that event that I got saved and have the peace I now have.

    Anyways I was online looking something up before going to bed and noticed the catholic priest in trainging get online, I tried to have the excuse that I was just goign to look this thing up and go to bed, but thank the Lord he had me talk to the person.

    It is also amazing to see the Lord work, unknown to me the Lord was sure to have me use the phrase “born again”, and this person asked me waht this “born again” stuff was, so I copy and pasted John 3:3 for him and suggested he read the whole chapter, he scoffed that I used the King James, and so I asked what he uses, well he uses 3 versions, I quoted him one of his versions saying the exact same thing, though saying born anew, and tehn looked at the other two and suggested he look at them because all of his versions teach this very same thing.

    I basically went through what I have learned of the WoTM program from this site and other free materials, though I just typed it all out figuring he would be uninclined to answer the questions and it was best to get it all out there.

    He taught that we must have a humble and contrite spirit, do our good works, and only then will Christ’s mercy cover us, this was much like a recent WoTM tv program on Mormons I saw, basically teaching Christ can only cover us after we have done as much good works as possible. He denied my claim and Biblical proof that all have sinned, claiming that Mary hadn’t, I didn’t go into this with him, he also said that it was impossible for anyone but the successors of the Apostles to interpret the Bible, I told him that the Bible teaches it is the Holy Spirit that teaches us all things, etc.

    He declined to agree with me about salvation and seemed to deem himself much wiser than I am because he has been studying the “church fathers” for the past 3 years and signed off angrily lest he say anything to offend me. It is sad that he has spent all this time to study the church fathers and not the Bible. He uses 3 versions, yet was unfamiliar with this truth of John 3:3 in each version that we must be born again.

    I thought God would take it easy on me on my first witnessing attempt, all my other firsts had gone successfully, and this one did too in many ways, but I wasn’t expecting him to get angry and so on. It was awesome though to do, and I suppose as is taught on this site that they should get converted or angry. I am certain that God brought about the use of the phrase “born again”, as I had no idea that would not be known to him.

    I pray God will continue to use that phrase in his mind and have him evaluate what I said and what the Bible says, and what he has been taught. What he decides at that point is up to him, he knows the truth now and atleast has a chance to escape from a firey eternity.

    Praise be to God and I look forward to witnessing more and getting my hands on some WoTM training and tracts soon, Lord willing.
    =- Jason

    Sorry its very hard to write a short post!

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