What’s Your E-vangie Tale #25


“No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light.” —Luke 8:16


With the start of a new evangelism class comes a new round of E-vangie Tales (hopefully) from Christians ready and willing to share their faith for possibly the first time. Share your own evangelism adventures even if you are an old-timer.


  1. I was at the park for extras day and I noticed there was a party going on so I walked over and sarted handing out million dollor bills everyone loved them of course and satrted asking for more. I also walked up to a lady and asked her if she had gotten one of these and she said she had that she had gotten one in the mail I was so amazed I said how fun their putting them in the mail now and she said yeah and i read the whole thing about god and stuff and she rolled her eyes I said I’m so excited these things are getting around because 150,000 people die every day and half or more are going to hell. She just kind of looked disturbed and walked away but as she was leaving i said good bye and take care.

  2. oh yeah she smiled and waved and said thank you.

  3. I was in the fabric store yesterday and my daughter and i satrted handing out million dollor bills everyone was excited to get them then some one asked me where we got them and we in unison said church so i got to explain it has some good stuff on the back there alot of people think there getting to heavon but that will help you to make sure. She said thanks and walked away reading it.

  4. So I needed some cash and i was in a bank in san jacinto I got my cash and handed her a million dollor bill she started cracking up and asked if she could have more i gave her 2 more and then someone walked up behind her so I handed him 5 and and he handed them out to the rest of the employees. I did see the lady reading the back as I left. Praise god.

  5. We went to chuckie cheese in san Jacinto the same day and I got to give the cashier guy one he thought it was cool and asked for more. He asked where i got them I said church make sure you read the back. He said cool he would then he found me later and asked for a couple more.

  6. My daughter had musical practice and I know she loves to hand out her million dollor bills so I brought in 50 and when she was done i gave them to her and she handed them to all the kids there for practice I saw the teenagers reading them and laughing except a few of them did not seem to find it amusing they actuley looked disturbed which made me think the holy spirit was working. yaaay anyway she passed out everyone of the 50.

  7. At a grinder place we were in in riverside i handed out a million to the cashier then he handed some to everyone that worked there so my daughter and I made our rounds we got every person in the place b4 we ate then we were there a long time and we noticed there was all new people so we did another round. When we were walking out I got to talk to some gangster looking guy and I told him make sure you read the back of that to make sure your gonna make it to heaven he asked if he could have some more to give to his friends. Oh yeah the guy at the counter was excited about the bill because april fools was coming up. So I gave him some more and told him to make sure who ever got it would read it. he said yeah no problem. My mom was kinda worried that everyone would think they were just for fun she said do you think they are gonna know to read them? I said I don’t know go see if they are she went back into the grinder place ande said she saw atleast 10 people reading them when she came back out she saw more.

  8. So I was in costco as I was paying for my stuff when I went into my purse of course my million dollor bills were in my face so I passed one to the person putting stuff in my cart and went to hand one to the cashier who quickly bent down under the desk and pulled out a million pasted to a card he said he got one and was saving it to share it with a co worker there. that gave me joy.

  9. At my daughters birthday party I was able to pass some bills out also, one of the teenagers was reading the bill and his dad looked over his shoulder and said isn’t that interesting I was just asking you that same question today. I said oh so you’ve seen the bills b4 and he said no he wanted to make sure his son knew where he was going if he died today. I was so excited that god was confirming to that boy that he needed to make a descision.

  10. so today in the hour of power we went down to Redondo beach to pass out tracts we got hundred dollor bills this time the gigantic ones and handed them out to everyone at the bars and on the strip we ended up walking past the same bar 3 times and there was a man there that was kinda making fun and saying hay I’ve seen you b4 I finaley stopped and asked if e read the bill he said he did. I asked him if he wanted to know why I was doing this and he said sure tell me so I told him 150,000 people die everyday and probably more then half of them are going to hell. I’m hoping that I can help that number by giving people a little insight. He said ok thats cool. Real cool.

  11. So today anytime some tough guy turned down my bills I told them no really take it it’s got some good stuff on the back of it, it might make you mad but it’s good as they take the bill and i walk away. I got quite a few of them to take it that way and I saw a few of them read it right away.

  12. As we were walking around giving out the hundreds today we gave one to an asian man after a while he came after us waving us down he couldn’t seem to get to us fast enough so we went to him he asked why we were doing this I said he should read the back and he said he did but why were we handing these out. I told him it was because I had seen a video on an atheist man saying that if we truley beleived in what we beleive in that we would be trying harder to save people from hell that it was as if we were watching people burn in a fire and not trying to help them that is why I was doing this. He said he was a budhist but he respected wht I was doing and he asked to buy me and my girls Ice cream so we had ice cream with him and gave him more bills to take back to china with him!~ He made me smile. But remeber his name is Gino please pray for him.

  13. I already shared this in class, but I thought I would elaborate a little here (and earn points!) As Steve loves to point out, I am a black belt in karate. My least favorite part of martial arts is sparring — I am usually a bit slow on the uptake, and sparring is sometimes like playing a video game with my kids and dying in the first ten seconds! Also, I am not big on pain. However, in order to earn a rank, I needed to practice and improve in this skill. So, I learned some “tricks of the trade” that capitalized on my strengths, and covered a little for my weaknesses. First, you can’t just stand there like a deer in the headlights — you have to get in there and do something! Second, you can block with your leg as well as with both hands — it gives you more surface area to protect yourself. Third, if your opponent is rushing aggressively, it is often very effective to sidestep and let his momentum carry him right by you — you can even give some parting shots as he goes by! Lastly, the more you practice, the better you get. This past Tuesday, while witnessing with the team to students of Leuzinger High, I found some parallels to my sparring experiences. I couldn’t just stand there — I needed to jump in and engage; and it proved to be easier than I thought. I wasn’t alone — I had the team there with me, and some of my own kids too, which encouraged and emboldened me — more surface area! I was able to sidestep any distracting questions or comments by keeping our conversation on the Law. Most importantly, I am finding that the more I practice, the better I get!

  14. I handed out million dollor bills tday at the grocery store and there was politic satnding out front he read the bill and wanted to argue I told him ok lets do this all over again So I asked the million dollor question went through the whole thing and asked him if he would go to heaven or hell he said according to that which completly interprets god wrong I am going to hell but He beleived blah blah blah anyway when he finished talking i said I’m so sorry I;m in a hurry (i needed to get a basket to someone to take to Ray b4 I went to my duahgters practice) So I rubbed his arm and said please think about what this bill says seriously because at this point it sounds like you are condemned and I can tell you beleive in christ in some way, so take the next step so you won’t end up condenmed. Take care brother.( When I got in the car I felt guilty and defeated . So I prayed over myself and him and felt better. Thank you lord!)

  15. On the way out the door this morning, I stuck about 1/2 dozen $1 Million bills in my pocket. 2 different people at work asked what that was in my pocket. Pulling them out they shouted I want one of those! Before I had a change to talk 1 guy started reading the back out loud. “Hey guys, here’s a Million dollar question”, he said. Several other people joined around to hear. (Wow this is easy I thought, as I still hadn’t said anything.) He continued at read, saying “yup, I’m a liar,… yea I’m a thief too”. When he finished reading. I said if anyone want to discuss this further, just let me know I’d be glad to talk & answer any questions. THanks Ray Comfort for making this so easy. And thank you Holy Spirit for guiding me.

  16. Sat 3-22 went with the EV class to join Ray Comfort at the Huntington Beach Pier. I got on the SOAP box at the stop light when Pastor Steve was Stop-Light-Preaching. But only shouted “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand”. I felt kind of like those guys I used to laugh at and make fun of who had the sandwich-board signs whit those same words on them. I thought this was a pretty good sign that I might really be saved, when you do the exact opposite of what you used to do. I used to pride myself at how I could put down and embarass and generally make fun of “Jesus Freaks” and now I am one! Shouting at people at stop lights. I appreciate the Lord’s sence of humor. I’m going to show you that I’ve really changed your life, by having you do the very things you said you would never do, and say things you said you’d never say. Thank you Jesus for new life, for taking me from darkness into your marvelous light!

  17. I was at the Hermosa Pier last week and marshall and i were walking down the pier and when we got to the end of the pier there were people fishing and i didn’t really want to disrupt their fishing, but marshall urged me on so i did it. The man who i talked to listened to the whole thing, and pretty much begged me to give him the gospel, because he asked me who decides who is good, and that gave me a perfect way to introduce the Law and all that stuff. so it went well, and i told him about Hope and when the services were. it was a good night.

  18. I went to the Huntington Pier and watched STeve, Ray, Ed, Richard, and some other guys i didnt know open air preach. it was awesome. i really liked how they set up a microphone, and let anyone who had different opinions say what they wanted. it was cool to see how Steve and all them could refute anything they said, and how they could defend themselves always.

  19. While i was down at the huntington pier i left the group for a little bit to go talk to some people. I stopped an older couple to talk to them. I explained everything and they were very good listeners. but at the end the guy told me that this was really wierd because he is an alcoholic and he’s gonna start a program. but the night before i talked to him two people came out of nowhere and prayed for him, and now the next day i show up out of nowhere and talk to him about Jesus. I told him how the Bible says that God puts people in certain places for certain reasons, and i asked him if he thinks that this was a coincidence that i picked him out of this huge crowd to talk to. After i said this both he and his wife were amazed and thanked me for this. It was one of the best conversations i have had.

  20. Some of my kids and I went to Huntington Beach to experience open-air preaching with Ray Comfort. It was good to see different styles with the same message, and Abel and I got to hand out tracts to passersby. I was not looking forward to stoplight preaching, but once we got there at the corner, and we got to see how Steve did it, I thought I could give it a try. I was able to fit the whole message in with the 20 seconds that I had, and I felt totally energized! Then a young man with his girlfriend came up to me and asked me what it was all about, and could he have a couple more million dollar bills! Talk about easy — he was the one asking, and was very receptive, too. All-in-all, it was a very good experience, and another notch in my “up-close-and-personal” belt of hands-on witnessing.

  21. Im a graduate! 🙂 lol

    Now im a card carrying evangelist!

    Well I thought I would celebrate just after the final class last night (Thursday 24th). I hit the Redondo pier. not much action that late at night so I did a quick loop passed a few tracts out and then headed back to the car and hit the road. I wandered for a bit looking for a bite to eat. I ended up heading towards my house but at the end of Rosecrans I remembered a dive place called sharkies. I got to thinking about fish tacos and yummy decided to drive over and grab a bite. “Oh my!”, I said as I pulled up. Late at night on a thursday is “club” night?

    hmmm I thought to myself. Years ago when I was in California that was the spot that I would end up partying at? I dont want to temp myself, being born again, and knowing what kind of “Drunks” that would be around….

    Then something came over me. Was it hunger? 🙂 lol

    No actually a deep sorrow for all those people staggering in and out the door “totally clueless” “LOST” “UNKNOWING?” “DAMMED”

    Well I decided to test my faith. I grabbed a stack of millions hid them in my back pocket and entered. Oh I ordered my fish tacos. “What can I say I was hungry?” and afterward proceeded to the back of the bar to make my move. I figured if I started at the back by the time anyone stopped me I would be half way through the crowd.

    Well I’ll say that I made it to every table and a lot of people. I was scared? Funny I kept going. Made it all the way to the front door and the only thing the bouncer said was” what is that?” I gave him one too! “he said, “COOOOL”!

    I know one thing. My heart is changed and I feel for all those LOST people. I know that I probably only reached a select few but have faith in the Lord in delivering the ones who took the millions and walked home dumb drunk. Hopefully to read this morning and say wow!

    Its a shame. I saw so many beautiful people on the outside but also saw so many people ugly on the inside. God will judge them but hopefully I can get to them first?

    I might have a new fishing hole. That is if they dont remember me. I could strike again. Hopefully without fear. Phil 4:13

    Kai B.

  22. So at my school christian club I was talking about true and false converts. After the lesson i had a lot of concerned looks. I told them if they had questions they could talk to me after class. After class I only had one person come up to me. He was an eighth grade boy who i knew was a false convert because he usually made fun of the bible and christians. He told me he was very concerned of where he would go when he died. It was then when I gave him a million dollar bill. We read it over together and after he was so shocked on how many times he broke God’s law. He was willing to repent and trust in Jesus so I lead him through the sinner’s prayer. The next week in christian club I decided to teach about the Law because I knew a lot of people in their were not Christian. So after i lead them through the law I asked for the people who want to accept Christ as their savior to just raise their hand. To my suprise 75% of the class raised their hand. They all accepted Christ as their savior that day and now they are a very bright light to everyone at my school.

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