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ATTENTION!!! If you’d like to sign up for The Everyday Club 2011, click here.


What is the Everyday Club? It’s an evangelistic Club where you make it your goal to share your faith everyday through tracts, personal witnessing or open air preaching. You make your own personal goal and report it here every month.

The minimum goal would be to hand out one tract a day, but you can make whatever goal you want. So far, nearly 100 people have made a daily evangelistic commitment. (Read more about the Club and see who joined last year by clicking here.)

The Club’s purpose is to allow you an opportunity to set an evangelistic goal and monitor your progress and faithfulness to that goal. This is not a legalistic prescription or a vow; it’s simply a personal goal. Sometimes you will fall short, other times you’ll hit it. (Please read some safeguards against pride written by my friend, Tony Miano, here.)

My own personal goal is to hand out 10 tracts a day or have at least one personal witnessing encounter, and to open air preach when the opportunity arises. Because of my commitment to The Everyday Club I don’t want to miss a single day—and believe me, there are some days that I just plain didn’t want to share my faith. (Read about evangelist D. L. Moody’s (1837 – 1899) everyday commitment by clicking here.)

Remember, it’s not a vow, it’s a goal! You may fall short of that goal, but at least you’ll have one. Don’t be afraid; have faith.

Too many times we wait for an “open door” or “that special person” to come along that God wants us to witness to. The early disciples didn’t wait, they moved! It’s my understanding that Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost, which gives us carte blanche to speak anytime, anywhere.

Am I wrong here?

Join the club.


This is the opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment and report on it twelve times a year. (I post each report at the beginning of each month and send you an email reminder.) You can sign up here if you’d like to join by simply leaving a comment about what your daily goal will be.


  1. Steve;

    Please sign me up for the everyday club, since getting back from AA16 I have been going out each week witnessing, but have not gotten into witnessing daily, so I am looking forward to having this venue to keep me on track to do lifestyle (everyday) evangelism.

    In Christ
    Gary Carter

  2. My goal is one track a day.

  3. Hello again, Steve.

    My commitment is one personal witnessing encounter and one tract every day.

    In His Grip,

  4. Hey Steve,

    I gave a million dollar bill to my homeschool teacher and asked him to read it over before he left. He didn’t say anything except goodbye, but at least he took it with him.

  5. I just returned from the Awakening conference, at Calvary Chapel. It was so uplifting to worship with so many believers and to gain wisdom again in witnessing to the lost. Ray spoke about why it is so important to share wherever He leads, in every opportunity He gives us!
    I was able to witness more this month than before and I gave away afew more tracs, but I am still behind my goal!
    PRAY that remain Faithful… Mary AA#16

  6. OK…I am here to confess my lack of faithfulness!! In Sept I met my goals half of the month, missing 15 days, and in October I fell completely off the wagon and only met my goals 11 times. Man oh manechevitz, how easy it is to get pulled away by the cares of this world.
    I am recommitting to my goals of ten tracts or 1 personal witness daily, and I’m off to a good start by accomplishing my goal yesterday and today!! 2 days down and the rest of my life to go!!

    On a less encouraging note, my meager efforts of the last 2 months probably surpassed more reaching out to the lost and dying than 98% of professing Christians. Join me in praying for them and me that God would cause them to awaken!! Pray to the Lord of the harvest!!

  7. So sorry for not posting until now, Steve! Here are my seed sowing stats for the Everyday Club in October:

    Tracts passed: 100+
    1-2-1’s: 60+
    Open Air Messages: 10

    By God’s grace, I also had the privilege of training an all-Spanish church for the first time! You can read about it here:

    Seeking and Saving,

  8. Hi.. I continue on a daily bases to give out tracts even if I’m having a bad day, Because the Day they will have on Judgment day is far worse then any day that I will ever have. Merry Christ-our Messiah, Lord,King and God!

  9. One tract a day,one conversation a week.

  10. My report is late. December was a blurr for me, I know I missed my daily goal on tracts but made tracks with witnessing. I think I want to add a goal for 2011. Get somene to sing one of a few simple songs like Jesus loves me ‘for the Bible tells me so!’. and increase the O.A. I wil be closer to a close partner in witnessing after I move in January – Look forward to improving on meeting my Goals.
    Sola Scriptura, Sola Christo,
    Soli Deo Gloria


  11. Steve… I want to Thank Our Lord for your continued work for His Kingdom…
    Also for allowing us to recommit to our goal to witness about Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.. You are right if we need to set a goal…
    I did not reach my goal and I was discouraged until I read your Dec.
    Stone the Preacher newsletter this am 1/2/11 So I am re committing…1/2/11
    and understood that I can rejoin and set a new goal again to share my Faith share the Joy that He that is set before me To Tell Others………
    JESUS SAVES!!! ..Mary AA#16

  12. where do i join in the everyday club 2011

  13. I love how God has worked in you and your ministry, when i have gotten your reminder emails to post about sharing, it has always encouraged me not to shrink back!

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