Handing Out the “180” Movie (and how I beat a Ray Comfort staffer)


Eddie Roman, editor and cameraman from Living Waters (Ray Comfort’s ministry), made this excellent video on how to hand out the powerful anti-abortion documentary “180” (see it here) and what to say when you do it. He handed out 10 copies in just under nine minutes with very little effort.

I thought I could do it in even less time.

First, watch Eddie’s video then watch mine to see how I smoked him by a whopping EIGHT minutes. Eddie has promised to beat my record. Stay tuned. (Maybe you’ll try to beat both our efforts. Only a dollar a DVD when you get 10 copies. Click here for info.)

Here’s the record-shattering evidence: 1:13:33 minutes!



  1. I could give out 12 “180’s” in 60 seconds.

      • Love it guys! Great job! I’ve given away 100 in just under a week. I think I can do better than that. Thanks for the motivation! I gave out 18 DVD’s at a local restaurant and typed a note and taped it to the back about the great service that they always give me when I eat there. They seemed to really appreciate it. I went back there and one lady said that she watched it with her friends! Yes!! She said that they were all speechless. That is a consistent reaction that I’m getting. Blessings to you!

  2. @1:15- did that young man on the right have a giant $ trac from Living Waters?

  3. Wow!
    Praise God for you! Can’t wait to meet you in eternity, and hope we’ll meet some of the people you gave it to as well!
    I cant belive you have such confidence level, I can hardly hand out a tract, and I don’t even know what to answer to questions, I’ve only been a christian for 10 months or so now, but thank you so much for handing out tracts! love in christ from your sister Ina

  4. I have handed out 9 so far, saved 1 for myself. I better get more. 🙂

  5. Well done Steve! Very encouraging.

  6. Well done Steve! Very encouraging

  7. and off I go into the abyss of defeat.

  8. You beat a Ray Comfort staffer? Wow. I’d like to beat Ray Comfort. Zing. . .

  9. Funny, when I tried to give it away all I got was legal threats and take downs from Living Waters (plus a few porkies).

  10. Ray Comfort just informed me he handed out 15 DVDs in 23 seconds. GAME ON!

  11. I have been trying for 2 days to order 20 dvd’s and it will only let me order 1. This isn’t what I had in mind……. ordering 1 @ a time. :((, Are you having problems w/ the site?

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