1. @ Dennis

    Well I’m glad you are incredulous of the Big Bang and not evolution, its big of you to admit that, and that’s progress. Or perhaps you just used the big bang as an example. Dennis once again, the only people who put their ‘faith’ in the Big Bang are people that have chosen to take the word of the physicists who have done the work. They didn’t simply throw their hands up and say, ‘Awww shucks’ this universe thing, atoms, dense elements, super novi, and the background cosmic radiation that is everywhere sure is complicated and there for SOME reason, but I’m satisfied with just assuming it was all poofed into existence in its current state and that it all adheres to its own set of natural laws and behaviors that can be quantified and measured just for the heck of it.

    The Big Bang is the best theory we have for the time being (not infallible, not dogma) of the formation of the universe in its current state. It might even have been the beginning of time as we perceive it and who knows it could have been kick started by an intelligent presence, the thing is we don’t know, and we don’t know what came before that if anything at all. If I were a betting man I’d say we won’t have an answer to that in my lifetime, but that’s the wonderful thing about scientific progress, it fills in the gaps that we used to lump so firmly in the category of religion or faith. One example, the christian church used to ban doctors and scientists from examining the anatomy of the dead in order to further medicine because they were afraid the surgeons might in some way damage or harm in some way the soul that was trapped inside the body.

    Eventually logic, reason, and knowledge prevail and primitive superstition and mysticism retreats into the dark corners from which it first crawled from. Coming to this site and reading the debates between evangelicals and atheists has been a fascinating experience and while things can get personal or snarky sometimes I do thank you Steve for this blog, its been a rewarding experience so far.

  2. Dennis, the story you reference had no eyewitnesses who wrote about it. You never saw Him die before you, and you never saw an empty tomb.

    As for you credulity, I wonder how you react to magic tricks.

    But anyways,

    Dennis wrote:

    So yeah if some dude said I am going to die tomorrow and then you will see me again (alive) 3 days later… wow… You bet that if I witnessed this guy die in front of me. See his body carried away and put into the grave. Then I come back on Monday and it’s empty?

    Interesting that you make that point, Dennis.

    Are you aware that in Goa, India, back in 1953, a man named Sujit Adwa stated that he was going to die on March 15th and that people would see him alive exactly 77 hours later? It’s said that millions of people witnessed the man die and had his body carried away and put into the grave. Exactly 77 hours later, people returned to the grave, and it was empty!

    Everyone then turned around, and there was Sujit! He was alive!!

    Isn’t that amazing, Dennis?

    Here’s the best thing, there were millions of witnesses to it, such as Akash Gajjar.

    You’re not going to call Akash Gajjar a liar, are you? I mean, he *died* for this claim, and no one dies for a lie, right?

  3. This is all so interesting! I am really enjoying the discussions going on here! To God be the glory!!!

    Nohm where did you hear about this Sujit Adwa? What did he die from? What is his background (I am guessing Hindu but could be something else) Who is Akash Gajjar? I was just curious.

  4. Oh and Dennis keep on keeping on brother!

  5. Hi Nohm

    Jesus performed many miracles such as bringing others back from the dead. He fed thousands with 2 loaves of bread and a couple of fish. He cast out demons. He walked on water. This guy in India who predicted his death and then supposedly came back to life – ended up dying in the end. There is a body. Not so with our Lord Jesus Christ. He ascended to Heaven = no body! No magic tricks – is that what you believe?

    Also Nohm – further the Muslim faith and why I don’t believe the prophet Mohammed or Islam. There is a really cool debate between David Wood and Ali Ataie which they held at Cal Poly years ago. I think David has some pretty good arguments in that debate. My wife and I enjoyed watching this debate a few days ago. It’s easily found on You Tube – if you’re ever bored and have time to watch….

    Thank you Nohm – I actually enjoy these conversations and the challenges you put out there for the faith we have in Christ.

    Thank you Thomas for your encouragement. God Bless.

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