A Tale of Two Rings


But I received the best gift ever from my wife to help ease the pain: a new wedding ring.

I wept telling the story to my daughters about the old one.


Before Karen and I got married she was out of a job and had no money. She was forced by circumstances to buy me a very small, eight carat gold band. I called it my Widow’s Mite ring because she gave all she had for love. Over the years it bent out of shape, got snagged on things and scratched me regularly, yet I never took it off because it always reminded me of Karen’s love.

On my 55th birthday celebration I replaced it, but will always treasure my wife’s sacrifice seventeen years ago.

In the name of love.

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  1. Bizzle says:

    Congratulations! Some couples don;’t last 17 months, let alone 17 years! And you married later as well. Good for you.

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