Bye Bye Biker

The man on the bike is hurriedly pedaling away after calling me “Mr. Deceptive.” Why did he call me that? Because I tried to offer him a $1 Trillion Bill Gospel tract that tells about Heaven and Hell…and where he’ll go.

Another lady, in Dollar Tree, also refused the bill saying she doesn’t need anything.

I said, “Oh yes you do.”

She replied, “No I don’t.”

I said, “I’m trying to warn you about hell.”

“There is no hell,” she protested.

End of conversation.

2 Responses to “Bye Bye Biker”

  1. On the way to work this morning, I offered a man the “Are You a Good Person?” Bezeugen tract. He gave it back to me and said that he read his Bible. I got his name (Jessie) and told him that I would pray for him.

  2. Actually I was shopping. And I have never postalized in my life. (I do use stamps on occasion though.)

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