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Canadian Faithfulness

March 16th, 2013 | Posted by Steve Sanchez in TRACTS

I just read this on Facebook from my frozen friend in Canada, Paul Latour, of The Word Street Journal:

Heading out to hand out tracts with a few others at the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade here in Ottawa. Please pray for us as the present temperature with the windchill is -19 Celsius or -2.2F. In other words, it’s really cold outside. But I think of those who will die under torture today in some other countries due to their undeniable faith in the same Christ we will proclaim today on the streets. Suddenly, the temperature doesn’t really matter.

I responded with this comment:

Paul, my brother, our evangelism team will pray for you today. It’s 7:30 AM in California. Please pray for us, too, as we go to our Hermosa Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It may Reach 70° today, but with the windchill factor it may only be about 65°. Brrrrrrrrr. I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt with my shorts.

Perhaps this is why Charles Spurgeon called evangelism an “irksome task.”

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