Inauguration Day 2013

EDIT: See Ray Comfort’s response below.

This is what I did on Inauguration Day using (the now defunct) Presidential Trillion Dollar Bill Gospel tracts.

And on this day, 40 years after the legalization of Roe Vs. Wade, which has led to the slaughter of over 50 million babies, the other message on the bill, besides the Gospel message, is very important.

Read the fine print.

(I asked Ray Comfort if he was going to print up more of these for sale. His reply: “You are the only one that likes them : ). They get angry responses.”

So, folks, no more Presidential Trillions with Barack Obama.


2 Responses to “Inauguration Day 2013”

  1. Laurie says:

    I never saw that. No wonder people didn’t like these Obama tracts and were so upset saying that it misrepresented him! Apparently he only cares about children being shot in schools, not murdered in the womb. :(

    • Richard Chavarria says:

      Yeah, it takes a real leader to stand against injustice…Like Lincoln did when he freed the slaves and corrected our nations understanding that all are created equal.

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