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Open Air Preaching for Newbies

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Have you ever wanted to preach in the open air but were too afraid to give it a whirl? This short  2 1/2 minute video will prepare you to “break the sound barrier” for the very first time using a proven 2,000-year-old method. It’s so simple that even my then 7-year-old daughter Laurel did it. You can, too.

Watch as two guys perform a seemingly impossible task. Their undaunted courage in the face of a fearsome foe will absolutely take your breath away!

Camera and edit: Peter Johnson

If you do get “up on the box” as a result of this video, please let me know. And send a picture!

My Great Evangelism Adventure, Pt. 4: Meeting Ray Comfort

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Another part in a continuing series on how I discovered my “gift” of evangelism, met Ray Comfort, and had my boring Christian life changed forever. (You can start at part 1 by clicking here.)

I had been sharing my faith for over a year without much success. My daily evangelistic goal seemed fruitless; my witnessing method weak. My Pastor had asked me two questions: “Are you having any conversations? Is anyone getting saved?” Both were answered with a resounding “No!” Then he offered a suggestion: “You may want to get a hold of a man named Ray Comfort. I think he preaches up in Santa Monica each week.”

Who’s Ray Comfort? I mused. How can he help? I promptly wrote his name in my planner with the intention to call him immediately, but forgot about it.

For six months.

I plodded on with my daily goal, continued to write my E-vangie Tales, and considered teaching some sort of evangelism class. I was very zealous for the Lord’s cause, but extremely frustrated that no one would listen to me, at least to the point of making a decision for Christ. Didn’t they know that I had the words of eternal life? Didn’t anyone care? Was no one concerned that they may end up in a fiery Hell for eternity?

Then our church web design guy dropped a name. (more…)

Lost Liberties/Regained: Evangelist Not Guilty of Trespassing

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

EDINSON, N.J. — A court has issued an order dismissing criminal charges against a New Jersey man whom police arrested after he shared the Gospel on a sidewalk outside a public high school after the end of the school day. At the request of the principal of Edison High School, Robert Parker was taken into custody after his toe touched the grass on the school’s side of the sidewalk. He was charged with trespass and disorderly conduct.

“Christians shouldn’t be arrested and charged as criminals for expressing their beliefs on public property. They have the same First Amendment rights as anyone else in America,” said ADF-allied attorney Demetrios Stratis of Fair Lawn. “A person cannot be charged with a crime just because a school official has a complete misunderstanding of the First Amendment or doesn’t like what that person has to say. We are pleased that we prevailed in court in getting these unwarranted criminal charges dropped.” Click here to read the rest from the Allied Defense Fund.

All Super Heroes Go to Heaven

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Spiderman, Batman, and two, count ’em two Supermen(!) were all asked about eternal things—on camera—when we visited Hollywood on Saturday. One Superman said he was a Christian yet didn’t go to church; the other couldn’t even remember the name of his church. Batman was a good person/believer and Spiderman swore and shoved my cameraman. These guys, so used to saving the world, had no real understanding of their need to be saved themselves. “Holy False Converts, Batman!”

Oh! I forgot to mention that The Joker believed in Jesus but not in God.

No jokin’. Stay tuned….

Sudden Death: Bag of Pot

Monday, January 25th, 2010

In a desperate attempt to conceal evidence, a man panics, then perishes…

The horrible video of the tragic event described below is a grim reminder that sudden death can overtake anyone at anytime. Are you ready?

From Deputies attempted to handcuff Andrew Grande and were able to place a handcuff on one wrist. During the struggle, deputies observed Grande was attempting to place something in his mouth. Grande managed to free himself and stand and deputies deployed a taser in an attempt to gain control. Grande was able to pull the taser probes from his body. Shortly thereafter deputies observed that Grande seemed to be choking and attempted to use the Heimlich maneuver on Grande but were unsuccessful. Deputies continued to provide aid until EMS arrived at 2:26 am. EMS was unable to gain a clear airway on Grande until, using a pair of forcepts, they pulled a large bag of marijuana out of his airway. Grande was transported to Bay Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.— 12/12/09, “Suspect Attempts to Swallow Bag of Pot, Dies at Hospital”

(Thanks to Mark Phillippo for this.)

Raining on our Parade

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Disregarding the foreboding weather forecast, fifteen evangelists faced a torrential downpour at the 25th annual Kingdom Day Parade in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Take a look at the images and see if you’d be foolhardy enough to witness in this monsoon. (more…)

Who’s that guy at the MLK Parade?

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

I received an interesting email with a video attachment from a friend the other day. This is what he wrote:


“Look at this video [of the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade by ABC News]. From 1:06 to 1:16 there is a man who runs up to the car that is following the band; he hands the occupants of the car some literature, and he is followed by a cameraman. Who is that man that is passing out the literature?”

Just who is that guy handing a Giant Hundred Dollar Bill Gospel tract and Presidential trillion dollar bill to Celebrity Grand Marshall Marc Brown from our local ABC Eyewitness News program? Here’s a closer look from a different vantage point:

I tell ya, a guy can’t get away with anything in this YouTube culture….

***Want to know my rationale for running out into parades and handing celebrities Gospel tracts? Click here to find out.***

Tomorrow: Raining on our Parade

Destinations: Hollywood Boulevard, where Spiderman was arrested

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

If it isn’t pouring down rain we will be headed to Hollywood!

I read this interesting article from the L.A. Times about Spiderman, one of the many characters who panhandle for change in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, getting arrested. Click here to read it.

The schedule when heading to Tinseltown  goes something like this: Our first destination is always Pink’s World Famous Hot Dogs, where we preach to the hundred or so people standing in line. Next we head up to Hollywood Blvd. and set up shop in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater and preach to the people in the forecourt while handing out hundreds of Gospel tracts. We also do Stop Light preaching on the corners of Hollywood and Highland Blvds.

We pack up about 4:15, and time permitting, stop into IN N’ OUT Burgers and let Val Scott preach a mini sermon inside (he originated this technique). Next, we finish up at Pink’s again, where a brand new line o’ sinners is just waiting for an open air preacher to give them an eternal perspective.

Meet us at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool, or at Pink’s about 1:30, or Graumans about 2:00. If it’s raining, there is a Plan B.

Sharing Your Faith Without Fear,
our six week evangelism training class,
starts on Thursday, January 21.
Cost is only $10 and includes all materials.

My Great Evangelism Adventure, Pt. 3

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

This is part 3 of a continuing series on how I discovered “my gift” of evangelism. Mostly, I’m writing this so I don’t forget the curious ways God used to get me to have a passion for the lost. I hope you are encouraged as you read this. (Start at part 1 by clicking here.)


“If you died today would you go to Heaven or Hell? Jesus died for your sins, was buried for three days and rose again.” That was my holy mantra for the first six months after I made a commitment to share my faith everyday. The apostle Paul did say that this was the Gospel in 1 Corinthians 15; no one else had taught me to say anything different. So wherever I went—the grocery store, the gas station, the gym, whenever I’d meet someone—I’d work those words into a conversation, whether it was appropriate or not.

I’d get change from the cashier and reply, “Thank you. Did you know that Jesus died for your sins, was buried for three days and rose again?” When saying goodbye to the desk attendant at 24 Hour Fitness I’d wave and say, “Jesus died for your sins, was buried for three days and rose again.” The clerk at Costco? You guessed it.

And what was the response? Rolling eyes, smirks, and condescending head nods, of course. (more…)

Does God Hate Haiti?

Monday, January 18th, 2010

This article by Al Mohler puts everything into godly perspective. Read this excerpt then click for the rest:

In truth, it is hard not to describe the earthquake as a disaster of biblical proportions. It certainly looks as if the wrath of God has fallen upon the Caribbean nation. Add to this the fact that Haiti is well known for its history of religious syncretism — mixing elements of various faiths, including occult practices. The nation is known for voodoo, sorcery, and a Catholic tradition that has been greatly influenced by the occult.

Does God hate Haiti? That is the conclusion reached by many, who point to the earthquake as a sign of God’s direct and observable judgment. Click to read the rest of the article.

Sudden Death… and Life!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

DENVER – Mike Hermanstorfer was clutching his pregnant wife’s hand when her life slipped away in a Colorado hospital on Christmas Eve, and then he cradled his newborn son’s limp body seconds after a medical team delivered the baby by Cesarean section.

Minutes later he saw his son come to life in his arms under the feverish attention of doctors, and soon he learned his wife had inexplicably come back to life. Read the rest from AP here.

(Thanks to Jaylene Daugherty for this.)

Rose Parade Persecution

Friday, January 15th, 2010

This is a very frightening and funny 3 1/2 minutes….

Watch what happens when “Righteous Richard” Chavarria and myself preach to the thousands waiting in the grandstands for the parade to start  at the 2010 Tournament of Roses. (Read about it here.) 

The crowd’s animosity is roused because the Gospel is being preached; if we were  doing a stand-up routine or talking about sports, I’m sure they would have welcomed us. But just mention The Name, and it’s a whole ‘nother matter.

The Rose of Sharon was definitely a thorn in the side at this Tournament.

Camera, editing: Peter Johnson

Richard Dawkins Mocks (and is afraid of) Ray Comfort

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Destinations: Martin Luther King Jr. Parade and More!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

This Saturday we will be headed to the Redondo Beach Pier to share our faith. Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool.


But on Monday…we’re going to another parade! Everyone loves a parade, and this one is very neighborly and lasts about three hours because it seems that everyone is in it. It’s the one and only Martin Luther King Jr. Parade!!! Meet at Hope Chapel on Monday at 7:30AM to carpool. If you’d like to meet us down there, we’ll be at the corners of Crenshaw Blvd. and MLK Jr. Blvd. at approx. 9:30 AM. Call my office and leave a message for further details: 310.374.4673 x. 121.

Last year I created an unexpected brouhaha in the Christian community because of a particular shirt I wore to the parade. I thought it was entirely appropriate for the neighborhood, but many brothers and sisters vehemently disagreed with me. Want to see the shirt? Ya sure? Please don’t get mad at me. (Click here to read the controversy.) I will not be wearing it this year because I have another plan…

Instead of a shirt, I ordered 50,000 special Presidential trillion dollar bill Gospel tracts with a special pro-life message in the corner.

In this troubled economy, everyone could use an extra trillion or two.


Sharing Your Faith Without Fear, our six week evangelism training class, starts on Thursday, January 21. Cost is only $10 and includes all materials.

The Best “Origin of Species” Giveaway Video!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Will Tiger Woods Repent and Become a Christian?

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume has publicly offered advice for the wayward Tiger Woods—and got a lot of flack for it

On Fox News Sunday, Hume said he believed Woods to be a Buddhist, but that, in his opinion, that religion did not offer the pro-golfer the redemption and forgiveness he needed.

“My message to Tiger would be, ‘Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world,'” he said.

“Now we know that the content of his character is not what we thought it was.  He is paying a frightful price for these revelations.  My sense about Tiger is that he needs something that Christianity, especially, provides.”

My Great Evangelism Adventure, Part 2

Monday, January 11th, 2010

I never considered myself an evangelist.

I would only share my faith when opportunities arose: like when friends in deep trouble needed some answers, or when I was asked about what I believed (which was rare); then and only then would I witness to what Christ had done in me. That’s why I’m still amazed that I made a commitment to evangelize everyday after hearing a New Year’s message in 2004. (Read part 1 here.)

I had always thought that evangelism was somebody else’s job; only those who had the gift of evangelism actually did it.
It certainly was not my job!

The day after I made that commitment to share my faith everyday I found myself in the chair of my hairstylist. She told me how her marriage was in trouble, her kids were screwed up—you know, the typical American family story—and I listened, waiting for my opportunity. (more…)

Sudden Death: Rose Parade

Monday, January 11th, 2010

A tour bus driver died after suffering a medical problem and crashing into a light pole near the Rose Parade viewing area.

Passengers reported that the driver – a 66-year-old man – had a “medical incident” at about 9:30 a.m. today before he clipped the pole on Orange Grove Boulevard and backed into some bushes, said Pasadena police spokeswoman Janet Pope Givens. From MSNBC, “Bus Driver Crashes Near Rose Parade Area,” 1/06/10

Whitefield Preaching in the White Fields

Friday, January 8th, 2010

In light of yesterday’s post featuring “Righteous Richard” getting booed by thousands at the Rose Parade, I thought this painting of 18th century preacher George Whitefield would provide food for thought as it depicts many who tried to stifle him as he proclaimed the Word of life. Remember, he helped bring about The Great Awakening through his fearless preaching.  (See the larger image by clicking here. ) 

Whitefield wrote, “I believe I was never more acceptable to my Master than when I was standing to teach those hearers in the open fields. Some may censure me; but if I thus pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

“I never was more opposed and never met with so great success. I hope I shall learn more and more every day, that no place is amiss for preaching the Gospel. (more…)

Happy Booooooo! Year @ the Rose Parade

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

At our Tournament of Roses Parade excursion last Friday, 30 evangelists handed out nearly 40,000 gospel tracts and preached to thousands, yes thousands! In fact, “Righteous Richard” Chavarria was booed by those very same thousands who were sitting in the stands as he preached.


You have to realize that the preaching took place before the parade even began, and each message was no longer than five minutes each. Still, when he announced that all would be held accountable to God’s Moral Law on the Day of Judgment horns were blown. When he explained that no liar, thief, blasphemer or adulterer would enter Heaven, catcalls fell upon him. One finger salutes were abundant as he warned that all who ignored this message would end up in Hell. 

When Richard preached the good news that Jesus Christ died for their sins and that they could be forgiven by repenting and trusting in Him, an irate lady stood by his side and hollared in his ear.

Is this a normal reaction to preaching in the open air? Was it wrong for “Righteous Richard” to continue preaching when so many wanted him to stop? Should he have quit when the going got tough?

Read this short account from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Spurgeon (1834 – 1892), on what happened to others in the past who preached in the open air:

“Once recommenced, the fruitful agency of field-preaching was not allowed to cease. Amid jeering crowds and showers of rotten eggs and filth, the immediate followers of the two great [preachers] continued to storm village after village and town after town. Very varied were their adventures, but their success was generally great. One smiles often when reading incidents in their labors. A string of pack horses is so driven as to break up a congregation, and a fire engine is brought out and played over the throng to achieve the same purpose. Hand-bells, old kettles, marrowbones and cleavers, trumpets, drums, and entire bands of music were engaged to drown the preachers’ voices.

“In one case the parish bull was let loose, and in others dogs were set to fight. The preachers needed to have faces set like flints, and so indeed they had. John Furz says: “As soon as I began to preach, a man came straight forward, and presented a gun at my face; swearing that he would blow my brains out, if I spake another word. However, I continued speaking, and he continued swearing, sometimes putting the muzzle of the gun to my mouth, sometimes against my ear. While we were singing the last hymn, he got behind me, fired the gun, and burned off part of my hair.

“After this, my brethren, we ought never to speak of petty interruptions or annoyances.” —From OPEN-AIR PREACHING – A SKETCH OF ITS HISTORY AND REMARKS THEREON, by Charles Spurgeon (Look for the video of our Rose Parade preaching next week.)