What Happened at American Idol?

You’re going to have to wait until next week for the exciting story because I have run out of time… But! Here are some teaser photos:

Tom Nance-Uhlrich, myself, Ed Lee and “Righteous Richard” Chavarria
crashed the semi-finals of American Idol.

Former Idol, Jason Whatever-his-name-is (I’ve never, ever, seen the show) got a Giant Money Gospel tract, but was very cautious about posing for a photo, so he skimmed the message on the back. If you know this dude’s name, leave a comment.

“Righteous Richard” did some illicit red carpet preaching (this was a new idea, never before tried), and was soon visited by Security.

The Red Coats are coming! The Red Coats are coming!

We also had visits with the LAPD and every 21-year-old Paul Blart-mall-cop-wannabe.

So what else is new?

And we were joined by some very helpful “EX-es.”

Tune in next week…. In the meantime, you can read about the incredible opportunity we had last year by clicking here! 

6 Responses to “What Happened at American Idol?”

  1. Angel says:

    I think that is Justin Guarini.

    BTW: I found your blog via Tony Miano’s and love it. You are such an encouragement.

  2. Tom Burgee says:

    LOL! Thats awesome, red carpet preaching.. I LOVE IT! i believe the dude’s name is Justin Guarini? (Spelling is wrong I am sure) I don’t watch it either, though my wife did at the time he was on.

  3. EricLewis says:

    Hey Pastor Steve! Its good to see Justin got a hold of a big money tract! Yea, Guarini is his last name. He’s the first runner up from season 1.


  4. Steve says:

    WOW!!! There’s gotta be an evangelical reality show in this somewhere for Steve Sanchez. He’s Sooooooo good at it! 3rd Street Prominade stop-light preaching?….. Come on…. at least a spot on America’s Best Home Evangelism Videos!!! Cheers to the videographer as well. And to the editor. Great work!

    Signed: not yet even Associate Steve.

    P.S. Hanging on a cliff waiting for the final chapter of the American Idol red carpet story.

  5. Paz B. Flores says:

    Hi Pastore Steve, I finally got email and internet at home so I can read your blog, I love the way you apporach the people and your boldness to share…Praise God!

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