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2008 Year in Review, Part 2

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

(Please read part 1 here.)

April was the beginning of the Ambassador’s Alliance, a ministry from the Way of the Master that trains people from around the world to share their faith in a boot camp style setting. I had the privelege of being a mentor to some fired-up evangelists who surprised me by “getting up on the box” and doing their very first open air session in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

What really blessed me was having two evangelism leaders from our church, “Righteous Richard” Chavarria and Ed Lee, also being asked to lead teams. The amazing thing is that they were students in the very first evangelism class I taught in 2006, and now they get to teach others from around the world in the best evangelistic outreach there is.

What embarrassed me was getting starstruck while preaching on my box when John Travolta suddenly appeared. I then jumped off the box to get a closer look, ruining my salvation message.

In May I was told that the American Idol Finals were being held in Downtown L.A.. I jumped in my car and preached 9 times to the thousands waiting to get into the Nokia Theater to get a glimpse of their own false gods.

At the end of this adventure, I was bushed.

Memorial Day kicked off the street fair circuit. We did something new: We attracted crowds by using “I.Q. Tests” in our booths. People were lined up 3-4 deep to take the tests which ended with an evangelism presentation.

At these fairs we always, always, preach to the lines at the bus stops, too.


Then it was off to the NBA Finals, where I got pulled off a street sign by some angry official looking dude.

And can you believe it? “Righteous Richard” Chavarria wasn’t allowed to continue preaching on a planter?

In June I changed this evangelism blog from EvTales to StoneThePreacher. Click to find out why.

The highlight of my pastoral career, especially as an evangelist, was preaching Jonathan Edward’s “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” four times in one weekend at my church. I heard somewhere that Edwards’ had fasted for three days before preaching it so people would respond to the message; I did the same and the results were surprising. Click here to read what happened and to listen to it online if you wish.

Okay. This is getting way too long and I’m bored recapping everything from this past year. Suffice it to say that God allowed us to do amazing things as we took a step of faith. From preaching at the Emmy Awards…

…to praying a “legal prayer” in Jesus’ name at a City Council meeting. From interrupting a gay/straight debate over Prop 8 at El Camino College…

…to a crazy man shouting the Gospel to surfers in the waves at Huntington Beach.

And who can forget Val Scott preaching inside IN-N-OUT BURGERS?

Anyway, you get the picture. Please check out the archives if you want to see more like the persecution we underwent at the USC football games and at the Hollywood Santa Parade.

But, you do get the picture, huh? Dontcha?

2008 Year in Review, Part 1

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

So many crazy and wonderful things happened in our evangelistic endeavors in 2008 that I want to recap some of the highlights so that you may be inspired to go and preach the Gospel to all creation in new, exciting ways. When I look back on this past year I’m reminded of controversial Pentecostal evangelist A. A. Allen’s quote:
  “If you are walking with Jesus, in the Spirit, you need not fear going too far. No believer has gone as far as God wants him to go.”

As far as evangelizing goes, this has been a seminal year in many ways; a lot of “firsts” were experienced by myself and the team. You can click on the various links below to read “the rest of the story” if you’d like as I recap the highlights.


On January 1, a dream was fulfilled: After seeing the huge Porta-Potty line at the 2007 Rose Parade—and being unprepared—I vowed to preach to it in 2008.

So I did, going head-to-head with these people.

On the way to the Rose parade, I was pulled off the Metro Rail trainby an over-zealous police officer who thought I was a counterfeiter passing out phony million dollar bills. First time that has happened. You’ll be amused at the “disciplinary measure” leveled at the officer when his superior got wind of his action.

I was greatly encouraged by a woman who visited our church after a Million Dollar Bil Gospel tract blew on her foot in the parking lot of a shopping mall. Three weeks later she gave her life to Christ.

Pink’s Hot Dogs in West L. A., always has a line of at least 100 people in front of it.

I’ve always relished the idea of preaching to this organic congregation because you just never know when someone may choke on a Martha Stewart dog and go to Hell! This was another first.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Parade was a very different type of evangelistic outing. The evangelism team, being primarily Caucasian, felt a little out of place in this predominantly African American community. The spectators were warm and friendly, and Stevie Wonder loved getting his $100 bill Gospel tract.

For a little while on GodTube, my video interview with a KISS/Gene Simmons wannabe was in the top 40 in comments, until inexplicably, the comments got disabled.
Nevertheless, I was blessed to get this angry comment from the KISS wannabe himself when he stumbled upon my blog!

The Dollhouse Dude was a little strange. Ambassador’s Alliance leader Tony Miano and I met him when we shared our faith at Cerritos College.

I can still hear Tony’s shout of “Whoa!” when The Dude appeared out of nowhere and gave him a start.

This little old lady, 103 years of age, loved her Giant Money tract. This was our first foray into Little Saigon during their New Year celebration. Her son-in-law complained about this sweet little granny: “She’ll never admit to any wrong. She came at me with a knife once and she still is not sorry.”

My then 8-year-old D.D. stood her gound when Frank the Atheist tried to get her to deny God.

“D.D., is there a God?” Frank asked.

D.D. replied matter-of-factly, “Yes!”

With a smile, I pointed out to Frank that even an 8-year-old child knows that God exists.

I later got even with him when I used him as a preaching dummy.

Most Tuesdays I preach outside an inner-city type school, Leuzinger High. I discovered a novel way to win friends and influence people—especially teens: Free food.

The key to a teen’s soul is through their stomach.

Persecution is always a threat when sharing the Gospel. One of our guys actually got punched, while another got fired, and yet another got pushed off his preaching box. That’s why I was thankful for the Christian Security guard at the DMV, where I started preaching twice a month.

And “Righteous Richard” Chavarria, our intrepid DMV preacher (who celebrated one year of DMV preaching in March), made his big T.V. debut in Episode 1 of Season 3, of The Way of the Master video series, where he worked about 13 hours for free and got about 12 seconds of screen time.

Way to go , Richard!

And once again we were at the Academy Awards, where I had to emphasize God’s love in my preaching because members from a hate church in Kansas were there spewing their hatred. (See the “Love Sermon” here.)

I was very surprised that this man immediately gave up his pipe…

…after I prayed for him.

This just goes to show that in all our evangelistic efforts we aren’t just blowing smoke.

Read what we did the rest of the year by clicking here!

Sudden Death: Christmas Day!

Monday, December 29th, 2008

We would all like to believe that on Christmas Day all is calm, all is bright. Unfortunately, death never takes a holiday and Satan is no respecter of the time in which we celebrate the Savior’s birth. Death is a reality any day of the year.

It gives me no pleasure to report the various deaths that occur throughout the year, but it is my hope that by reading these posts every Monday that you will be encouraged to do something to save the lost. As a general rule, I post the odd deaths, the strange deaths, to demonstrate that  people can be taken out of this world in a variety of ways. Jonathan Edwards said as much in his famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God:

It is no security to wicked people for one moment, that they are in no apparent danger of dying soon. It is no security for the natural man, that he is now healthy, or that he does not foresee how he might suddenly be taken by some accident, though his present circumstances pose no visible danger.

The long and varied history of humanity disproves the assumption that we are not on the very brink of eternity itself, and that our very next step will not be into another world. The unseen and unexpected ways that people suddenly leave this world are too numerous to imagine.

The unconverted walk over the pit of Hell on a rotten bridge, and there are countless places on that bridge that are too weak to bear their weight. These places go unseen. The arrows of death fly unnoticed at high noon; the sharpest eyes cannot spot them.

God has so many unfathomable ways of taking people out of this world and sending them to Hell that He does not need miracles or unnatural causes to do so. His ordinary providence alone is able to destroy the wicked at any moment. All the means by which sinners leave this world are under His control. Those means are so subject to His power and choosing, that it depends no less on His will if God uses them than if He does not.

I was saddened to learn, as I read through two sections of the L.A. Times on December 26, 2008, these deaths that happened on or about Christmas Day:

  • * Nine people were killed when a man dressed in a Santa suit went on a shooting rampage at a Christmas party, set fire to the house where the party was held, then killed himself.
  • * An apartment blast, probably caused by cannisters of oxygen stored in the basement, killed 22 people in southern Ukraine.
  • * A 7-year-old girl died after falling out of the window of her family’s fifth-floor apartment in the Bronx.
  • * A 21-year-old skier was killed during an avalanche at the Squaw Valley ski resort.
  • * A woman driving relatives to a holiday gathering in the San Diego area lost control of her van, which overturned, killing the driver and a passenger. 
  • * Eartha Kitt, the “sultry singer, dancer and actress who rose from South Carolina cotton fields to become an international symbol of elegance and sensuality” died on Christmas Day.

Truly, the only happy holiday is when one turns from their sins and turns towards Jesus Christ.

Your friend, your neighbor, your loved one—that stranger on the street—may not have tomorrow to listen to you present the Gospel. What will you do about it, not next year, but today?

If you have not heard my very humorous sermon based on the video “8 Reasons Why I Don’t Share My Faith,” then please click here to listen. (You can also see the video as well.)

Blackmailed by the National Enquirer

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Ray Comfort, Tony Miano, and myself celebrated Christmas night—like we always do—by heading upstairs to the third floor ballroom of Living Waters headquarters, where we unwound from a hard year of sharing our faith by doing a little disco groovin’. Unfortunately, some atheists from The National Enquirer were suspended from a rope on a crane just outside the window, where they secretly shot some embarassing footage. They threatened to expose our partying selves by selling the footage to TMZ if we didn’t give them a million dollars. We gave in to their demands and I now own the footage. Here it is:

Send your own ElfYourself eCards


Friday, December 26th, 2008

These Gospel tracts are soooo easy to hand out. This is all you have to say: “Happy New Year!”


This is yet another adaptation of our “Will your good outweigh your bad?” tract.

On the back it says: “2009 years ago, Jesus Christ was born. 2009 A.D. means “Anno Domini—In the year of our Lord.” That’s why we say “Happy New Year!” Also, in the bottom left hand corner is the web address, which allows you to put your very own church stamp in the center of the tract.

Our church will be printing 10,000 because we have until the end of January to hand these out!

To your copy machines, evangelists!

Click here to print the outside of the New Year’s tract.

Click here to print the inside of the New year’s tract.

Click here for the multi-use “Will your good outweigh your bad?” tract.

Take the Christmas Quiz

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

It’s a sobering thought to us that Eastern astrologers were more in tune with the signs of heaven than were the religious “experts” of Jesus’ day.  Unfortunately, we, too, often let tradition overtake truth. We’ve seen and heard the Christmas story scores of times and still don’t have it quite right. It makes us wonder how many other places in God’s revelation we have gotten something other than the truth.  How about you? Click here to take the quiz that I guarantee you will fail.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

May you all have a wonderful, peaceful, awesome Christmas!

O come, thou Rod of Jesse, free
Thine own from Satan’s tyranny
From depths of Hell Thy people save
And give them victory o’er the grave
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Usually, I don’t wear “Jesus gear” because I don’t want to blow my cover before preaching the Gospel. But I find myself wearing this T-shirt from The Voice of the Martyrs more and more; in 2009, I may not legally be able to.

I love the bold statement that it makes: “THIS SHIRT IS ILLEGAL IN 52 COUNTRIES.” The front of this T-shirt also states “Restricted Nations: 38” and “Hostile Areas: 14.” Wearing this unusual T-shirt will cause others to consider the cost of following Christ for Christians around the world.

 On the back it says: Romans 1:16— “I am not ashamed of the Gospel…”

Support a great ministry to persecuted Christians around the world by wearing a real conversation starter. Click here for more info.


If that’s too bold for you, then I highly recommend my lucky salvation shirt available at

Every time I share my faith while wearing this T-shirt shirt I lead people to Christ. For more details on this shirt and what it says, click here!


Of course, if this is all too much for you, you can always get these two uh, very different Nativity scenes. Ridiculous!!!

The Frog Nativity

The Eskimo Nativity

And if you want to see the worst Christmas card in the world—or out of this world—click here!

(Thanks to A Little Leaven for all these.)

Two Great Evangelistic Adventures!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

This Saturday we will be taking advantage of the evangelistic opportunities that will present themselves on Hollywood Blvd. as tourists from around the world visit for the holidays.

Join the evangelism team as we preach at Pink’s World Famous Hotdogs, in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, at traffic signals, and up and down Hollywood Blvd.
Meet at Hope Chapel at noon. We leave promptly at 12:30. Click here for all future evangelism adventures.



Meet at the MetroRail station in Redondo Beach (2406 Marine Av., 5301 Marine Av.) at 5AM; we will leave promptly at 5:15 AM. The DayPass is only $5.00. Bring a backpack, water, an empty bladder (there are no restrooms on the rail), and warm clothes for the morning. We will eat lunch in Pasadena, returning between 3-4PM. Fun for the entire family! If you live outside of Redondo Beach and want to meet us, leave a comment and I’ll send you details for your area. (Read about our 2007 adventure (with photos) by clicking here!)

Have Yourself a Blessed Little Christmas

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho! This is yet another Christmas re-post from last year!

We had a singer at our church whose uncle wrote the original Christmas standard, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” He got saved in 1977, then wrote a Christian adaptation of the song which is very good, except for one major theological flaw. Can you guess what it is?

To find out the theological issue, what others thought about the song last year, and our solution to the lyric problem, click here and go to the comments.

Here’s the original Christmas song (Where’s the flaw?):

Have yourself a blessed little Christmas
Christ the King is born
Let your voices ring upon this happy morn

Have yourself a blessed little Christmas
Serenade the earth
Tell the world we celebrate the Savior’s birth

Let us gather to sing to Him and to bring to Him our praise
Son of God and Friend of all
To the end of all our days

Let us proclaim the joyous tidings
Voices raised on high
Send this carol soaring up into the sky
This very merry blessed Christmas lullaby

Let us gather to sing to Him and to bring to Him our praise
Son of God and Friend of all
To the end of all our days

Sing hosannas, hymns, and hallelujahs
As to Him we bow
Make the music mighty as the heavens allow

And have yourself a blessed little Christmas
Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Have yourself a blessed little Christmas now

A Message of Comfort from Santa

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

I must re-post this every year. You may want to email this to your unsaved brother-in-law…

This is a 2 minute message from a Santa with an accent. Hmmmmm… I wonder what country this guy is from? HO! HO! HO!

If you can’t see the video, then click here!

Sudden Death: Christmas Pagaent

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

An actress in a Christmas pageant who was suspended 25 five feet in the air by an overhead rope fell headfirst onto a concrete church floor and died authorities said.

The actress, 23, and two other performers were playing wise men on their way to Bethlehem before about 2,000 spectators during Wednesday night’s opening performance at Crossroads Community Church in Cincinnati.

The three were approaching a star when the young woman fell into an aisle in the theater, witnesses told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The young actress died Thursday morning. —L.A. Times, 12/19/08

Two Bust-a-Gut Holiday Videos

Friday, December 19th, 2008


Watch this hilarious video featuring a hard-hitting linebacker who “punishes” all those who take the Christ out of Christmas. Click here to watch the video from SermonSpice.


Click here for “Beware of the Doghouse”

Those Lying, Cheating, Thieving Students

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

“Why do you come out here every week and say the same thing? Nobody’s listening. Nobody cares.”

In essence, those are the sentiments of the students at Leuzinger and Hawthorne High Schools, who hear us preach on a corner nearly every Tuesday after school ends. I thought to myself, Why are we here? What difference does our preaching make?

I heard a true account from a pastor friend of mine who brought it all into perspective. He told about some friends who call themselves Christians. They allow their 16-year-old son to drink alcohol, even encouraging his friends to do so, as long as they do it in their homes, supervised. “They just don’t want their son to drink and drive, so they have sleep-overs at his parents’ house.” Then he said something that jolted me: “There’s no standard. These parents just have no standard for their kids!”

I thought about that statement. Standard, standard… these kids have no standard… A light went on in my head. That’s why we preach. That’s why week after week we declare God’s standard, the 10 Commandments, because this generation of students has no one to teach them what God requires.

“Listen up kids! If you died today where would you go, Heaven or Hell? Here’s a quick test: Have you kept the 10 Commandments? If you’ve ever lied one time, stolen one thing, if you’ve ever misused God’s name, then God will see you as lying, thieving, blasphemers. On Judgment Day you will be found guilty and end up in Hell.”

“Shut up!” they shout. Sometimes they swear, sometimes they blaspheme. Obscene gestures are made. Mostly we’re ignored. Still the standard is preached.

“Commandment 7 says that you shall not commit adultery, but Jesus says that even if you look with lust you’ve committed adultery already in your heart. Commandment 6: You shall not murder, but the Bible calls hatred murder.”

Who will teach them God’s standard for right living, for a civilized society? The vast majority of people—even Christians—cannot even recite the 10 Commandments. And they’ve been taken down from most public institutions. Everyone did as they saw fit.

A recent study of 29,760 high school students nationwide, from both public and private schools revealed this:

30% of students have stolen from a store in the past year.
42% said they sometimes lie to save money.
64% cheated on a test in the past year.
93% said they were satisfied with their personal ethics and character

Good people don’t need a standard; they are a standard unto themselves. That’s why we preach the timeless, immutable standard, so students—all people—will see that that no one does good, not even one. To preach the standard is to show that no one can keep it, that everyone falls short, everyone stands condemned before God.

But we also bring good news of great joy that will be for all people. A Savior has been born; he is Christ the Lord.

“But if you repent, turn away from your sins, have a change of mind about your sins, and trust in Jesus Christ, God will forgive you. Jesus died on a cross for all your sin, he was buried for three days and rose again to give you the hope of eternal life.”

Today’s lying, cheating, thieving student will grow up to be tomorrow’s lying, cheating, thieving investment banker, wall street broker, governor, or president. Unless they understand that there is a standard by which they will be held accountable, there is absolutely no hope for them, or for us.

In that same study of students, 77% said that “when it comes to doing what is right, I am better than most people I know.”

Are you willing to be a standard bearer, too?

Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) wrote this:
“God never clothes men until He has first stripped them, nor does He quicken them by the gospel till first they are slain by the Law [The Standard]. When you meet with persons in whom there is no trace of conviction of sin, you may be quite sure that they have not been wrought upon by the Holy Spirit; for ‘when He is come, He will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.’ “

(Read how we win over these kids with free tacos here.)

(Read about our “Bloody Dead Person” strategy here.)

Now that’s the Christmas Spirit…

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

I received this anonymous voicemail from a lady who was not too happy about receiving our “Happy Holidays!” tract, but nevertheless, understood the message all too well:

“Hi. I just wanted to say I got your guy’s flyer. It says ‘Happy Holidays! Have you been naughty or nice?’ and [has] survey questions to see if you are going to Heaven or Hell. And for every single [one of the] eight questions it says, ‘You will go to Hell.’

“…I think that it’s very wrong for you guys to pass this out. You guys are a church. [You are] trying to tell me that I would go to Hell for any one of these, even if I lied one time?

“You are not practicing that God forgives people and I think that’s what you should try and do for the holidays.”

Before hanging up she wished us a sarcastic “Happy Holidays.” Hmmm… think she understood the message?

(Read the irritated response I got from a cashier before Christmas a couple of years ago here.)

Print Your Own “Happy Holidays” Tract

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

With a little over a week until Christmas I thought it would be a good time to offer this free “Happy Holidays” tract for you to print yourself. (See the links at the bottom of the post.)

Last year we made 20,000 and offered them to our congregation with this instruction: “When you hand them out, just say ‘Happy Holidays!’ ” We ran out of tracts.

This year we made 10,000 and will be running out again.

I know what you’re thinking: Steve has gone politically correct.
NO! I just don’t want anyone to be offended with my greeting (in case they are Jewish, Muslim, atheist, etc.). I want them to take the tract and be offended at the message inside the tract. And I guarantee that it is not a politically correct message.

This is yet another adaptation of our “Will your good outweigh your bad?” tract. We convert these to use at the Department of Vehicles (“Are you a good driver or a bad driver?”)…

…USC games (Is your team a good team?”),

…even for St. Patrick’s Day in bright green (I forgot what we wrote).

We have even converted this tract into Spanish (coming soon as a download).

You will have to do a little work on your own, though. The backside of the tract contains our church info, so you will have to change it to your own. Some of you may just want to put on the back. If you have Photoshop, Paint, or any other graphics program, you can change it easily.

And yes, I will be making our Happy New Year tract available next week…

Click here to print the outside of the “Happy Holidays” tract.

Click here to print the inside of the “Happy Holidays” tract.

Click here for the multi-use “Will your good outweigh your bad?” tract.

Merry Tossmas 2008

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Last Christmas, Focus on the Family Action’s Stuart Shepard posted a Stoplight video feature called “Merry Tossmas,” which created quite a stir around the world. In the video, Stuart shared his family tradition of discarding catalogs from retailers that avoid any mention of “Christmas” with a hearty, “Merry Tossmas!” Here is his  latest effort: (For a higher quality video, click here.)

Sudden Death: Friend!

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Police announced Friday the arrest of a man who allegedly bludgeoned his friend with a hammer in East Los Angeles, dumped the body in the trash and fled to Nevada last month.

The reason for the killing is unclear, but detectives said Adam Quintana, 19, allegedly began beating and eventually killed Fernando Garcia, 21, with a hammer. The body was wrapped in a blanket and left in a plastic trash bin at the residence. A bloody hammer was found on a dresser in a converted gargage.

Ray Comfort Says Thanks (and has a special message 4 U)

Friday, December 12th, 2008

Ray Comfort emailed me this: “I want to explain to you why I think that I have seen more sinners surrender to Christ (in my personal witnessing) in the last six months, than I have seen in the last 35 years.”

Last week I announced Ray Comfort’s birthday and was amazed at how many wrote to wish him a Happy Birthday—and from all around the world, too. He responded in the comments section with the following and wanted me to post his thanks and give you a special message.

From Ray: Thank you for all of your wonderful and kind words. I have received many encouraging emails today, and I have replied with “Thank you. Where did you park my present?” just to see how witty the responses would be. The winner was “I parked it at the Porsche dealership in Beverly Hills. Make sure you drive away really quickly.”

I want to share something really important with you. I will ask Steve to put up two corresponding audio clips that go with it. Thanks again. Here goes: (more…)

Part 5: The 12-Step Program for Parades

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Parades are a blast. If you are an evangelist you should be excited at the fact that you can reach thousands upon thousands of people with the Gospel in just a few hours with tracts and pre-parade preaching. At the Hollywood Santa Parade our team of thirteen handed out close to 15 thousand tracts! But when the parade starts that’s when things really get cookin’. I’m not lying when I say that if you are courageous enough, a well placed tract can have the potential to reach millions around the world! (Click here to start at Part 1!)

Step 9: Invade the Parade. Watch the parade, yes, but be ready. Position yourself where the street is narrowest; that way you will only have to walk a few feet to get a tract into the hands of someone who is actually in the parade.

Unfortunately, at our Hollywood Santa Parade we were prohibited from running out into the middle of Sunset Blvd. because there was a strong police presence directly across the street from us and right behind us. Remember, it was a night time parade and we were in the bowels of Hollywood.
Besides all that, there was a very serious, mean looking lady, who made sure that we stayed behind the blue line, out of the way of the approaching parade.
She’d look at our toes, point and grunt, then we’d gingerly step back behind the line.

That’s why I’m showing you highlights from our (previously unpublished) local Hermosa Beach Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, where we were earlier in the year.

Step 10: Get photogenic tracts. The Giant Hundred Dollar Bill is best because it is so, well, giant!

People respond happily to this tract, not knowing what to make of it.

Step 11: Watch your body language. When I invade a parade I hold my arms out wide to show that I’m not carrying a weapon, then I lean into the car or float, honoring the personal space between the participant and the spectator. Kind of.

The last thing anyone needs is for the police to misread your moves…

How can you possibly influence thousands and millions of people?

Here’s the Mayor of my city, Redondo Beach, getting a Gospel tract. What if he reads, believes and repents? What if he should influence our city for the cause of Christ?

Or this Council member from the City of Hermosa Beach where my church is located? If this man gets soundly saved, think of the righteousness that could prevail.

This Torrance City Council member could lead a Revival, if he would just bow the knee after reading the back of this tract. Ya just never know…

At the Martin Luther King Parade, Stevie Wonder got a tract, too. Think about the songs he could write if God chose to open his heart, and his eyes…

…to the truth of the Gospel!

Step 12: Hand out tracts to everybody going home from the parade. Your evangelistic work isn’t over yet. All those thousands who enjoyed the parade are walking back to their tranportation; give them something to read on the way back. Stand in the center of the crowds and hand them the rest of your Gospel literature. Who knows what God will do with al your efforts?

Don’t let anyone rain on your parade. When the saints come marching in… to Heaven, it might just be the result of your efforts on Christ’s behalf.

WAIT! I JUST DISCOVERED A 13TH STEP: PARADE GAP PREACHING! Click here to see a short video on how to do this.

R.A. Torrey wrote this about a hundred years ago:
Oftentimes a conversation is impossible because of the place where you meet people. For example, you may be on the street cars and wish to speak to a man, but in many instances it would not be wise if it were possible, but you can take the man’s measure and then give him a tract that will fit him. You may be able to say just a few words to him and then put the tract in his hands and ask God to bless it.

Never be ashamed of distributing tracts. Many people hand out tracts to others as if they were ashamed of what they were doing. People are not likely to read tracts if you hand them to them as if you were ashamed to do it; but if you act as though you were conferring a favor upon them, and giving them something worth reading, they will read your tract. —From “The Use of Tracts.”


Tony Miano gave a tract to “Bart Simpson” here.

Read about our trip to the 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade here!

Read about my Porta-Potty preaching debut (with a link to the video) at the 2008 Tournament of Roses Parade here!